Monday, January 30, 2012

special giveaway for military families!!

I always feel oh so professional when I say this, and here I am saying it again: I was contacted by a company about doing a giveaway with them.  Unlike the last giveaways which have been for little things like bowls or gift certificates, this giveaway is from a company trying to make a difference in the lives of military families.

SuperTintin is a recording tool for online interviews, conferences, lessons, podcasts, or family VoIP calls. It records Skype phone calls, video chats and voice mails. They are generously donating 100 licenses to its Skype recording software so that deployed/stationed servicemen and women can connect with their families at home, and the at-home family can record the conversation (and all following conversations) to play back or share with other family and friends as much as they'd like. The conversations can also be embedded in blog posts, uploaded to YouTube or emailed. I will be giving away five SuperTinTin licenses to military families for Valentine’s Day.

To put it visually, instead of just talking on the phone (I’m sure we all still use rotary phones),
you’ll be able to see your loved one live and in person. (Please notice how I included three babies in the below picture. That’s because I would love to have triplets.) You can save these precious conversations to watch over and over again. 

You’ll receive your SuperTintin license code in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Please note that SuperTintin is not yet compatible with Macs. Just another reason to have a PC.

Rules of entry- Open to military families only. Service member need not be deployed.

1-Leave a comment sharing your Valentine’s Day plans. If you have no such plans, say one thing you’re looking forward to in February. If you have Valentines plans AND something exciting in February, feel free to share both!  I’m always interested to know what other people are doing. (My husband says it’s nosey. I say it’s well-informed.)
My Valentine’s Day plans are very exciting. I am going with Christopher to his graduation formal! Everybody is going to be dressed up and look just lovely. I can't wait. (Do you think soldiers would appreciate being called "just lovely"?) 
2- follow this blog and leave another comment
3- do 85 push ups Blog or tweet about this giveaway and leave the link in another comment

Giveaway will end February 11th

*Information provided by the SuperTintin representative and website. I was provided with two additional codes which I gave to K and Shayla.

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