Thursday, June 7, 2012

glimpses into our marriage

Glimpse #1

I like to know the details about everything. Sometimes Christopher will provide the details I’m seeking, but sometimes there a little lacking. The following is an actual conversation from last week. (I should point out that I am always VERY interested in what he eats when I’m not around. It's almost as if I want to vicariously enjoy extra meals.)

Me: Did you have lunch today?
Him: Yep.
Me: What did you have?
Him: Spinach salad.
Me: Was it good?
Him: Ehh.
Me: Did it have strawberries and nuts in it? Or blueberries?
Him: It had strawberries and some sort of small nut. Maybe almonds.
Me: Did it have a vinaigrette dressing on it?
Him: It was something yellowish, so it was probably honey based.

This is probably how the conversation would have gone had I been the one being interrogated questioned.

Him: Did you have lunch today?
Me: I bought a spinach salad with strawberries, some unidentifiable little nut, and a yellow dressing. I’m guessing it was a honey dressing because not only was it sticky, it tasted distinctly like honey. OH! The cashier was this little lady who reminded me of my friend Eden who is just about the smallest full-grown person you’ll ever meet. Seeing her reminded me of the time I went campaigning with her and Lindsay. Did I ever tell you that story? Well, we were going door to door handing out literature and at one house we met a tiny old lady. She wasn’t as tiny as Eden, but she was still tiny. Anyway. She told us to wait in her little entryway two feet from the front door while she went to get her husband (maybe his hearing aids worked better than hers). We had been told multiple times NOT TO GO IN ANY HOMES, yet here we were, in someone’s home. It was one of the three times during my teenage years I was rebellious and I still have a guilty conscience over it. Lindsay and I kept looking at each other like, “Um, should we be in here? Maybe we should leave before she comes back." We kept the door wide open just in case we needed to hightail it out of there. You've probably guessed that we made it out of there safely because I'm here to tell the story. What was the question again?

Some might say I provide too much information.

Glimpes #2
This is a little game I like to call Guess Which Book is On Whose Nightstand.

Whoever the Dolly book belongs to is obviously doing some VERY DEEP reading.


____j said...

Glimpse 1 was so funny to me because that's exactly how we are!

Jenn said...

Haaaa my nightstand book is "Fun-loving and Frustrating: Your One Year Old Child." I'd prefer Dolly.