Friday, June 15, 2012

In a people house- our bedroom

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Our apartment used to a luggage and bag factory which explains the high ceiling and pretty brick walls. It's rather ironic that we live in a former bag factory because I can NEVER have enough bags.

This is the view from the living room/kitchen.
Over to the left is Christopher's bureau and you can see his side of the closet. All of our furniture is in storage at Fort Campbell so we had to rent furniture for the time we're here. That, my friends, is how we ended up with bedroom furniture that does not match and the creakiest, shakiest, most unstable bed on wheels in the world. Almost every night we talk about how we can't wait to have our own bed again. 
Our bed is one of the places is sit to do my school and I've seen a lot in my times by the window. The man with the large trash bag over his shoulder and the equally large radio from 1980 that was blasting Paul Simon. The lady at the top of the street shouting to the man at the very bottom of the street. The prisoners setting up tents in the church yard across the street.  Things are klassy here in the ghetto.
This is my bureau. If you look very closely, you can see two pictures from balls we've been to in the bottom right corner of the mirror. When I put them there I felt almost like a preteen girl decorating her mirror, but I left them on anyway. Maybe I should add a sticker or five to make the mirror even more festive. Christopher would just LOVE that.
This is my side of our closet. I like to keep my closet organized so it's color-coded according to season. This is the fourth home we've lived in together and is the closest we've come to sharing a closet. We're technically not even sharing this one because his side is to the right of the bathroom door and mine is to the left, but sometimes we're both in our respective closets at the same time and it gets CROWDED.
Oh! Look at two of the cutest things in my closet! These are only a small (SMALL) portion of my extensive baby shoe collection. If anyone from Walmart is reading this, you really need to kick it up a notch in the baby shoe department. I have done extensive research and concluded that you have had the same baby shoes out for the last year. I've even gone so far as to research Walmart's in four states, so I feel I'm an expert on the topic. 

Notice the two books of the nightstand- the Bible and But Not the Hippopotumus. We like to do a little bit of light reading after our nightly devotions. ;)
Thus concludes our bedroom tour. Our apartment only has four rooms so you've seen a full fourth of our living quarters! If you come over to visit, make you show speak softly and tread lightly as our neighbors are a little picky about noise. Not that that's ever stopped me from singing Sweet Caroline with great gusto. ;)


Ryan said...

That brick wall is amazing! Love it!

Jenny said...

I love that brick wall!! :-) Thanks for your sweet comment by the way...yes, he totally needs to patent that crib :)! ha!

Jan said...

Love it. Thanks for your family's service!

Elizabeth said...

thank you for your comment this morning...what a beautiful and unique space!!

Elizabeth said...

p.s. I like that we are bed-twins :)

Claire said...

Love those walls!

Anonymous said...

That brick wall is to die for!

PS - I love your blog name. Adding you to my blog lovin' feed :)

Natasha said...

I love Sandra Boynton books! They are totally great :)

As you can tell I'm a bit behind on my blog reading!