Saturday, June 2, 2012

the loooooong day (subtitled: the day I stopped a flamingo from falling over)

Yesterday was one of those days when you think that SURELY it must be 5:30 already, but when you look at the clock it only says 12:15. It was a loooong day.

To start off, I had to wake up at dark o’thirty. Technically it was only 6:30, but I don’t enjoy rising when the first number on the clock isn’t a 7 or higher. I had to make my first batch of frosting for that evenings cake class. Making frosting is not something I really love doing at a normal time, so you can imagine the warm fuzzy feelings I had towards Crisco and vanilla flavoring at 6:42. As soon as I finished the frosting I had to leave for babysitting.

Normally Amelia and I will venture out to Pet Smart when we want a big adventure, but I needed to buy my friend a wedding gift and I didn't think she’d appreciate a new dog bowl or a hamster cage, so we went to Pier 1 instead.  Pier 1 isn't normally among the top 12 places to take a two year old, but she’s not Molly a wild child so I figured we’d give it a shot. I had built The Fancy Store up to being a very special place, so special that rule was we ONLY touch things with one finger. Things went surprisingly well. I think part of this has to do with my over-enthusiastic exclamations of “Have you EVER seen such a pretty napkin ring, Amelia? Do you see this monkey salt shaker??” to keep her attention. I guess I didn't need to be so enthusiastic because she found a green and blue broom that held her fascination for a good three minutes. I gave her a silk flower to hold and she alternated sweeping the floor with it and using it like a metal detector. Her flower broom found its way to a flamingo statue that she paused to look at before kissing it squaring on its beak. The flamingo was so shocked that he started teetering back and forth and I barely made it over in time to catch him from falling. Amelia gave me a look that clearly said, “What? Don’t you go around randomly kissing things at The Fancy Store? Not even that napkin ring you so enjoyed?”. By that time I had found what I was looking for and we exiting the store, triumphant in the knowledge that besides the flamingos heart breaking by our departure, we hadn't caused any damage.

I spent- and I wish I was exaggerating here- no less than three hours the afternoon making and coloring frosting. The kitchen was a disaster, the frosting on cake had crumbs in it, the sink was FULL of dishes, and I had frosting in my hair. I even put the sponge in the trash instead of in the sink. Finally I had everything cleaned up and my bag for class on the table so I could just grab it and go. I was carrying over the cake holder to put with the bag when I realized the cake wasn't even in it. It was still sitting on the counter. Can you imagine if I forgot to bring my cake to the cake decorating class?? I couldn't even say my dog ate it because we don’t have a dog! Like I said, looooong day.

Considering how my afternoon was, I wasn't expecting the class to go very well. It was the last class of Level 1 so we had a big decorating project and I was so nervous. Thankfully the whole thing went much better than expected (I had kept my expectations very very low), and I think my cake came out well! 
I was so happy to go bed last night. SO SO HAPPY. And this morning, I got up when the first number on the clock was A LOT higher than 7. 


____j said...

I know days like this all too well. At least your cake turned out super cute!

Jenn said...


Are you taking orders yet? I have a birthday scheduled for October that could use your cake talents.

Curious minds want to know (ok, just my mind wants to know), are the cakes you take into your classes GF? And do you eat the cakes you make? And if so, HOW ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH ARE YOU SO SKINNY?!

Big Cheese said...

........absolutely beeeutiful ;D