Monday, June 25, 2012

the race course and the dress shop

Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30 to run in a race.

Only one of us ran.
The other spent time taking pictures of the surrounding area…
...and her feet.
Elizabeth is always saying that if I keep taking pictures of my feet, they’re going to disintegrate. My response is at least I’ll have a picture of them before they go.
Please especially note my sparkly flip flops. No one told me that EVERYONE attending races, regardless of whether they’re running or observing, wears sneakers and a tshirt. I was there in a ruffled pink shirt and cute flip flops. Too bad they didn't have an award for the most overdressed. 

Here's Christopher crawling through the mud pit.
After the race (and a very necessary shower) we did a few errands before heading to the mall. The dress search is on for upcoming transportation ball, and for the first time ever, we went shopping for dresses together. Before you start saying that I should do something he likes because he went shopping with me, I’d like to turn your attention to the times I have watched movies with him that I absolutely hated (I’m looking at you, Sherlock Holmes and The Good Shepherd) and the fact that I had just gotten up at 6:30 ON A SATURDAY. Really, things are only just beginning to even out.

Due to a serious of very unfortunate events, my number 1 dress choice AND my number 2 choice didn’t work out, so we were back to square one. Or dress hanger one, as the case may be. We tried three stores with no luck, so we headed to David’s Bridal on what seemed to be the busiest day of the year. There were girls EVERYWHERE. And then there was Christopher, sitting on a little ornate chair next to the dressing rooms. Whenever I’d look over at him, he’d be staring very intently at his phone, probably wishing is was some sort of transporting device that would send him to a more manly place.  I was dying to take a picture of him surrounded by dresses (because how many more times do you think I’ll get him into a bridal store??), but I didn’t want to go too far. Do you think it would have been going too far if I tried on some wedding dresses? I really wanted to. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m already planning our vow renewal. 

Christopher was not the most objective shopping partner because he said, “That looks nice” every time I put on a new dress, but he was much more helpful than the sales lady we were assigned. She was very laid back about dress protocol for a military event. Apparently she belongs to the school of thought that says, “I think you should just do whatever you want, as look as it feels good to you.” I’m sure you do, oh lady with odd makeup and multiple face piercings.

Thanks (in a small part) to Miss Whatever and (in a much larger part) Christopher, we found  a dress. It looks nothing like the two dress I initially wanted, but I think it will work well. If it "feels good to me", maybe I'll even wear my sparkly flip flops to the ball. 


Laura Darling said...

Several comments. First, so happy to see those sparkly flip flops! Ha! Also - running a race on pavement sounds bad enough to me. Through a mud pit? NO THANK YOU! And finally, i am so excited you got a dress! Do you have a pic?! Christopher totally owed you that trip to the dress store AND SEVERAL future trips in my opinion, due in large part to the day you spent at the gun range with him!

Jenn said...

The 2nd dress didn't work either? Geez! Bad dress juju.

And I once read somewhere (Pinterest?) that you can never be overdressed. Take it from me though, you can definitely be UNDERdressed... All the sneaker folks were probably jealous of your sparkle shoes.

Shayla said...

I HATE the "that looks nice" comment!!!! hubs uses it all the time- so frustrating to me!!!

I LOVE the frilly skirt/shiny flip flop shot!!! too cute :D

the mud pit shot is PRICELESS!!! LOVE IT!! :)