Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a visit with T.J.

On Saturday we visited Monitcello. I like Thomas Jefferson for a few reasons, not the least of which being that he invented my favorite piece of office furniture-the swivel chair. 
It was rainy and very wet, but the rain clouds made the mountains look more beautiful.
Apparently we were supposed to make a face for this picture. I never got that memo.
You know what happened after I took the above picture? A young couple came in and offered to take our picture. I wanted to do a favor for them so I asked if they wanted a picture also. Well. I have no problem taking pictures for people I don't know as long as it's with a camera. The lady handed me her fancy phone and things rapidly went south. Let's just say the poor lady ended up with a lot of very shadowy pictures where it's hard to tell whether the dark glob in front of the window is a man and woman or a gorilla. I hope they weren't planning to use the picture for a wedding slideshow.

T.J. certainly gets around. Here he is welcoming us to his home,
and standing around in Washington. Just last month we saw him in Williamsburg. The guy is everywhere. 
This weekend we plan on visiting George Washington's home. Clearly we're making our presidential rounds, so don't be surprised when I tell you we spent the day at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 


Jenn said...

Y'all are SO CUTE.

Claire said...

What a sweet visit!

Bonnie said...

How fun! My husband and I are currently planning out a trip to all those amazing historical places! Going on a road trip to our first base!