Saturday, July 7, 2012

we camped like it was 2012- part 3

Our family loves kayaking so we were delighted to find out that the campground had canoes and kayaks for rent! We spend about two hours floating around the peaceful river and counting the deer, turtles and unusual birds along the way.
The water lilies were everywhere! As I was taking this picture my kayak got a mind of it's own and sailed right over 14 lily blossoms. This was immediately after I spoke to the twins about the importance of not sailing over lily blossoms. 
Cranes and ducks were everywhere. 
We found a tiny frog and Elizabeth named her Aphrodite. Not really sure why (or if the frog was even a her). Earlier in the week she found a moth and named it Abacus.
Apparently Aaron was trying not to overdo it in the vegetable department.
I packed 14 necklaces because I like to be fully prepared in the accessories department, even if we are in the woods.
On our final night there the biggest and most beautiful storm I've ever seen came through. Because we were away from all city lights the darkness of the sky and brightness of the lightening was more pronounced than normal. 
Mom spent the whole week scanning the sky for bald eagles and was therefore very disappointed when we left without a sighting. In an attempt to cheer her up we bought this little stuffed animal at the gift shop and left it on her set in the car. She named him Monty, after the Bible verse that talks about looking to the mountains for help.
And thus concluded Camping Trip 2012, a week when sunburns, bug bites, and fun were had by all! 

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