Monday, July 2, 2012

we camped like it was 2012- part 1

Monday afternoon I picked Mom, Aaron, and Elizabeth up from the bus station for a week-long camping extravaganza. I promised myself that I because I have become so superb at driving a standard, I would not stall while driving them around. That's how I came to learn that lesson that pride goeth before a stall no less than three minutes after we left the station. 

This is how Elizabeth looked when I asked her to show me how excited she was to be spending the week with me, the fearless leader of the camping trip. I don't think a little more enthusiasm would have killed her.
This was our humble abode for the week. Isn't it darling? It had ELECTRICITY, so we pretty much felt like we were staying at the Ritz. 
Thanks to poison ivy/mysterious rashes, severe sunburns and bee stings, our infirmary was bursting by the second day. I like to think that I escaped injury because I had a natural shield of awesomness due to my fearless leader status, but it's probably because I used sunscreen and didn't upset bees. But let's go with the first story, ok?
Tuesday afternoon we went for a walk and Aaron picked us girls some lovely bouquets. He picked Mom one also, but it was slightly bigger than ours. To be specific, it was a five foot plant he pulled out of the ground and dragged to her across the woods.
It was raining our first night camping which meant we couldn't make a fire, so Tuesday was The Big Night. Aaron kept calling for more kindling so, like the kind and helpful sister that I am, I sent Elizabeth off into the woods to find some. (I certainly wasn't about to go back there at night without a flashlight. What if I picked up a spider or snake or slug?!) I wanted to encourage her on her journey, so I said in my most inspirational voice, "YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE UNIVERSE WHO CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS MISSION." Aaron was less than impressed because he looked up from the itty bitty fire to say, "What's up with you using fake movie quotes all the time?" I had no idea that was a reoccurring issue.

Apparently my inspirational speech paid off because not only did we start a fire, we had sparklers.
The next day we went swimming and Mom went down the water slide. We were so shocked. Pictures will have to be in Part 2 because I have used plenty of words already. (What else is new?)

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