Monday, October 28, 2013

I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere

There are a lot of things I like in this world.

There are also a lot of thing I don't like.

Hence this post.

The following words:
Gunk (I hate this word with a very deep hatred.)
Sammie, better known to society as a sandwich. (Sammie is the name of a person, not something you eat.)
Brekkie (It's called breakfast, people!!!)
Hubby/wifey (Such language is not allowed in our house. I want to soak myself in disinfectant for just typing them. The only person in the world allowed to refer to Christopher as my hubby is Joanna, and even she isn't allowed to go as far as wifey.)

When someone says a statement as a question. For example: "I have to go to the bathroom?" Well, do you or don't you? I certainly don't know.

The squeak of basketball shoes. You understand how this makes it difficult for me to watch a basketball game. Not that I ever have that desire to begin with. 

Putting pillowcases on pillows

Math. I HATE math. The number by themselves are bad enough, but forget about it when you throw letters in there too.


When a sign has words in English and another language and the English is in smaller print. It is especially irritating to find this scenario on junk mail in my mailbox. It's exceedingly irritating when there's no English translation at all.
Washing oily dishes

Sitting between two strangers on a cross country flight. Although I did meet some interesting people last time that happened

Along those lines, don't take up a window seat if you plan on sleeping during the entire flight. 

Johnny Depp

Men with long fingernails

Public speaking


Stepping on slugs, especially with bare feet. Don't ask how I know.

Arriving at the grocery store only to discover I left the list at home. 

Feel free to share your personal dislikes. Misery loves company.


Jenn said...

More words: jelly (jealous), adorbs (adorable), for realsies (for real), cray cray (crazy)
(this fake, made-up language makes me INSANE)

people chewing with their mouths open (have some manners, for the LOVE!)


opening the fridge to find little or no wine (see above)

not living close enough to my friends

Well I'm so glad you let me get that off my chest! Thank you!

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

I hate the word goop. Wifey is also pretty ridiculous.

Ashley said...

Ugh, slugs. Our house in NC has them everywhere. I showered my porch in salt...

Erin said...

This was my daily laugh today THANK YOU!

stephanie said...

MAYO!!! and its close friend Miracle Whip, I loathe them both with a pure and unholy passion.

Laura Darling said...

YOU DON'T LIKE MAYO?!?! I can't imagine not liking mayo!!!

I also hate hubby/wifey and vow never to use them. I also hate bestie. It makes my skin crawl. In addition, I can't stand the words "raw" and "ripe."

As far as other things I hate:
- People who wave you on at a four way stop and mess up the flow of everything.
- When I am wearing boots and I tuck my pants into my socks (I am so weird) and one comes untucked.
- Ironing. And putting away clean clothes.

Things I love:
That ecard. Priceless. And hilarious.

Allison said...

Mouth noises.

The hairs that don't go back in a ponytail and make you look disheveled, even when you try.

People who don't use please and thank you and any other manners.

Dog farts.

Michelle said...

Except for the mayo, LITERALLY ALL OF THIS. Sarah, I'm giving you so many high fives in my head.

Using the word "brekkie" is grounds for murder. And all the other words you listed, but I'm already trying not to vomit so I won't list them.

Window seats. The person I sat next to on the way to California had the shade down THE WHOLE TIME. 'SCUSE ME, I'D LIKE TO SEE THE OCEAN PLEASE. I was not pleased.