Thursday, October 3, 2013

Watch Sesame Grow: week 13

Week 13: Edition This is Very Late
Size of baby: About 3 inches long or the size of a sweet pea.
Fun fact: Sesame better behave him/herself in there because he/she now has fingerprints and we can track all criminal activity!
Size of mother: In the words of the dentist after he peered intently at my stomach, "My daughter is due the same exactly time as you and she has way more of a belly!" Ok then.

What's on the menu: Pringles, as always. I still haven't had cravings for much of anything, much to Christopher's disappointment. He really wants to run to the grocery store and buy me something at 11:30pm. I am eating a little more than I was, so things are looking up in that area. Whenever I go to Aggie's I eat way more than I eat at home which leads us to believe Sesame likes her cooking better than mine.
Worst part of the week: Still feeling nauseous 92% of the time.
Best part of the week: No emergency room visits or iv's! Even though I feel nauseous I'm not getting sick as much as the previous 8 weeks, so maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe. 


Jen said...

Haha that criminal activity comment has me cracking up. :)

Jenn said...

Is that really the most you can puff out your stomach? I think (I know) I have muffintop bigger than Sesame. But I am VERY GLAD that little peanut is giving you a break from nonstop puking. I will also agree that everything Aggie cooks is magic and why can't we all eat there every night?

Michelle said...

Your answers are hilarious. I just really want to be your friend.

Allison said...

Cheers to barfing less!! And I second Jenn's comment re: my muffin top vs your baby belly. I hope soon you can start pounding some ice cream and french fries and chips!