Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watch Sesame Grow: week 17

 Edition: I had to put the camera on a tv tray on top of the bed for these pictures and none of them turned out well. (Also. Could I look move tired?)
I look like two totally different sizes here and couldn't decide which to use. We decided neither are accurate.
Photographic evidence that heaven and all the angels are shining down on my baby.
 Or maybe it's just bad lighting. Hard to say.
Size of baby: Approximately 5'' and 5 ounces. 
Fun fact: Baby can now wiggle it's joints.
Size of mother: Funky sized. See above.
What's on the menu: Bagels, cranberry juice, and tea. 
Worse part of the week: The nausea is never ending and wearing me out. My back has decided to get in on the action by shouting, "Hey! I'm here too! I'm going to hurt and get some attention!". We now have a large supply of IcyHot patches stashed under the bed. To add insult to injury, I've started drinking Alka-Seltzer and I die a thousand deaths with every glass. It is one of the most disgusting beverages I've ever had. 
Best part of the week: I accidentally took too much medicine one day last week. It wasn't the overdose itself that I enjoyed so much as the side effects. Oooooh!! This is funnnnn! I feel gooddddd! Unfortunately I cannot in good conscience repeat that mistake. 


Jen said...

You are still looking amazing! :)

Allison said...

Oh THERE'S that beautiful baby bump! Isn't it the best when you finally start to look pregnant instead of just a little bit fat. I remember being like 14 weeks and people were touching my belly and I was like no. That's just my pooch. I'll let you know when the baby is there...

You're so close to halfway already! Thank the lord, because with unrelenting sickness, you deserve many medals and a monument erected in your back yard before the end of these 40 weeks. I think the monument should be a mini pony statue, for no reason other than mini ponies are great.

Ashley said...

Girl, Dr. Laura at Care Chiro on Trenton fixed my back right up! She's amazing! (PS, if you tell her I sent you, you get a free first exam :) )

Erin said...

Yet you still look great!

Laura Darling said...

Every week I click on this post and hope to read "I FEEL GREAT!" I'm sorry you are still feeling nauseous, but you do look great!!!