Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watch Sesame Grow: week 14

Edition: Not Much has Changed Since Last Week
Some people (JENN) say I have no stomach so I purposefully stuck it out in
this picture. I am still pretty much stomachless.
Size of baby: 31/2 inches or approximately the length of a lemon.
Fun fact: The baby now makes facial expressions. Quite coincidentally its mother makes many facial expressions because of how the baby makes her feel, but that's neither here nor there.
Size of mother: According to everyone I talk to, "very small" and "Are you sure you're pregnant?" Yes I am. Would you like to hear the laundry list of my current health issues?
What's on the menu:
Worst part of the week: See answer from last week.
Best part of the week: This is not directly pregnancy related, but I believe our neighbors have a miniature pony. I was talking to Dad on the phone a few nights ago at dusk when I happened to look out the back door and see what at first appeared to be a dog running around their yard. After watching the dog (
which really wasn't dog shaped at all) for a few more minutes, I noticed it was prancing and then it did that little mane toss that only horses/donkeys do. I ran upstairs to find my binoculars bought when I wanted to watch the Canadians look at the birds of the St. Lawrence River, but they were nowhere to be found. Naturally this discovery has shot the exciting level of our neighborhood up by about 100,000. WE ARE NEIGHBORS WITH A MINIATURE PONY. 

Then again, I'm currently on a lot of drugs so it may not have been a horse at all. It could have been a coke can blowing in the breeze. 


Jen said...

That picture of you is beautiful! :)

Jenn said...

I still see nothing (Sesame-wise), but that doesn't make you any less cute! So exciting if you are neighbors with a horse. Could mean you have some quality child entertainment right there (for free!).

Allison said...

When I was pregnant I was super sick, too. I didn't start really poking out until 18 weeks and people couldn't really tell I was pregnant until about 24 weeks. So you'll start poking out eventually.

Allison said...

MINIPONY!?!?! Find a way to creep a picture, as soon as possible. Maybe hold a carrot on a string over the fence?

Quick question: How does potato stix even happen?

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

Potato stix are the best!!!

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Yay pony!! Love that dress on you!

Erin said...

Even though you might not be feeling your best you are looking fantastic! And a mini horse! This is going to be good!

Michelle said...

YOU PULLED OUT THE BINOCULARS. I am laughing so hard I can't breathe. We were meant to be friends!!!

"It could have been a coke can blowing in the breeze."

That story made my whole day. I almost intrigued by the Potato Stix.

Michelle said...

Wait. I said "almost" intrigued. I'm more than almost intrigued, I am ALSO* intrigued.

I blame my miniature pony-induced giggles for that typo.

Angel K said...

Congratulations!! I just popped back by your blog to see how you were doing (I sent you a carabox a few months ago) :D I'm also expecting, we're due Feb 12 with our second babe! Congrats again!