Sunday, October 13, 2013

we went pumpkin patching but didn't make it to the actual pumpkin patch

Thursday I called my midwives office. Again. These people are going to get so tired of me. I can't help it if I want ALL THE DRUGS THEY CAN PROVIDE and continually need refills. The nurse was out of the office so I left a message asking them nicely to please call my local Walmart at their earliest convenience and hook me up with the good stuff. (The dissolving tablets! Not the ones that require water!) I am terrible at leaving messages. I hate it. I don't particularly enjoy making phone calls either so it's a lose-lose situation. (Side story- our Sunday School class had to call people who had visited our church within the last year and I was so petrified of a. someone actually answering the phone and b. being forced to leave a message that I procrastinated for three weeks and only allowed myself to take my anti nausea medication after I called someone. All this to say that I really need to pull myself together and start acting like a grown up.) Anyhow. The nurse's answering machine beeped and I said, "Hello, this is Sarah MAIDEN NAME." And then I paused for about 12 seconds while I tried to figure out if I really just said that. Then, of course, I started giggling uncontrollably. So I had to backtrack and say, "I don't know why I said that name. *giggle giggle* That's my maiden name and my current last name is _________. *giggle giggle* I've been married for almost three years and....never mind. I was wondering if you could call in a refill for me. *giggle giggle* "

As if they'd give me more drugs when I couldn't even remember my last name. 

I had an exciting Columbus Day weekend planned for us- we were to go camping in a cute little cabin a few hours away. I talked about it for weeks and was thrilled about the whole thing. And then the government shut down and I received and email saying, "We regret to inform you that we receive government funds and we will be closed for the unforeseen future." If the government only knew how much time I had dedicated to planning the menu and envisioning midnight walks under the stars, they never would have DARED to close. Yes, I am still bitter about the whole thing in case that's not glaringly obvious.

Instead of frolicking through the woods, we went pumpkin patching. I heard about a farm that sounded wonderful, so we drove 57 hours only to discover that it was the same farm Jenn and I went to last year. Unlike Columbus, I am not talented at finding new locations. 

Look at the size of the girl below in comparison to the size of the pig. He could eat her for a snack. 
My great goal in life is to own two donkeys and name them Stella and Gus. What can I say? I have lofty goals.
Thank goodness for the sign identifying the cow. I never would have known it wasn't a rabbit!
We played a round of golf right next to the cow pen. I feel Tiger Woods has done the same thing many a time. I'd release the score but it would show that I lost by 12 points. 
After church today we went to a different pumpkin patch to buy pumpkins. We didn't ride down to the pumpkin patch at the first farm because somebody felt sick (same story, different day), so we bought some today. We also went in the corn maze. Notice I didn't say we completed the corn maze. We wandered for 45 minutes and I began to worry that we'd be stuck in there forever and Sesame would be born under the shade of a cornstalk. We never found the exit and had to exit through the entrance. 
What I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to pay $4 to put myself in a situation where I knew I'd get lost. I've proven myself perfectly capable of getting lost of numerous occasions and I've never paid a cent for it.  


stephanie said...

A. Where was the other pumpkin patch that you went to last year with Jenn and this year again?
B. We went to the corn stalk one on Friday (just the girls and I since Tyler's at JRTC) and we spent approximately 45 minutes in there and I ended up carrying them because their legs got tired. We finally found our way out (also through the entrance!) and I about kissed the ground!! I had come straight from the gym and my arms and legs were burning so I was not in a good place to be hauling an extra 70 lbs.

Jenn said...

Yay I'm so glad you went back! And played mini-golf- so very fall-ish of you! Sesame probably needs a few more Mennonite donuts to settle down in there. Gluten and sugar? Give baby what he wants.

Erin said...

I have never had the doughnuts that Jenn talks about but I want to second that - give baby what baby wants!
And I know people always say feeling ill is a good sign of pregnancy but I'm sure you're OVER IT so I hope you start to feel better soon!

Jen said...

What a bummer the place closed because of the shutdown!

Kim said...

Sucks the shutdown ruined your plans! Glad you made the best of it though! ;)

Michelle said...

Hahaha. This is all so wonderful. Please just know I am the EXACT same way with phone calls. I have to call some people for work, and I've been shaking at the thought. I will go to any lengths to avoid the phone.