Monday, March 27, 2017

my favorite child

Annabelle will be 3 tomorrow.

Let that sink in for a minute.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. It seems like she got here last Wednesday but at the same time like she's been here 7 years.

The great loves of her life are snacks, reading, food, painting, swimming, popsicles, school, watching shows, extra snacks, playing outside and "earning monies". She adores her stuffed animals and calls them her "friends." She sleeps with no less than 17 (actual count) each night. The doctor who told me to put her in a completely empty crib would be horrified. She needs her Memere blanket, her Olaf blanket, two books, her cup and all her friends around her. 
She's still a hearty eater, but dislikes olives and celery. She loves pizza, pasta, ranch dressing, berries, cheese, chips and ice cream. She loves frozen peas and corn and eats them like candy. Sometimes she dips tomatoes in ketchup which seems a little redundant.
It's not all sunshine in paradise. Being my favorite child also means she's my most troublesome child. She's still been struggling with sleeping at night since Mr. Lion moved to his own bed. Just this morning she threw the dry rice she was playing in all over the kitchen and living room. We haven't made much progress in potty training. I'm currently accepting applications for anyone who wants to train her for me. She has a small bit of a defiant streak but overall she's even tempered and happy. We made it through the terrible 2's ok but I sure trouble is coming down the pike this year. Nothing like going forward with a positive attitude!

She wants socks on when she gets into bed but always takes them off immediatly.

She talks and sings all day long and into the night.
A few of her most commonly misprounced words make me laugh every time. 
nachinals- nachos
cucacalee- ukulele
kintar- guitar
mama bird- monitor

She always replaces V with B. "I lobe baby Iby bery much."

We had this conversation the other day.
"Mom, can we watch a showie show?"
"No, we don't watch a show first thing in the morning unless I'm not feeling well."
"You don't feel well."
"No, I feel fine.
"I fink your froat (throat) hurts."

Such a little negotiator! 

I made a batch of rice krispie treats for MDO tomorrow. I added sprinkles and maybe some tears too because I'm so sad she's getting older. Somebody make it stop. I'm not emotionally equipped for this to happen every year!


Jen said...

Happy 3rd Birthday pretty girl! I hope she has an amazing day. :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle!!! More importantly, congrats for surviving motherhood for the past three years. Sometimes I'm still not sure I'll make it that long.

JKemper said...

So sweet! She is such a cutie!

Laura Darling said...

She sounds like such a fun little girl! Except for the Mr. Lion and throwing the dry rice parts, of course. I love that she calls the monitor mama bird, that's the sweetest thing ever. I hope she has a fun day today!