Friday, March 24, 2017

when dad's away the girls will play

Christopher has been out of town for a while* so we ladies have been holding down the fort. Except for the 3 hours she's at mothers day out and the occasional trip to the gym we spend literally every hour together. Sometimes it gets so monotonous and I run out of entertaining things to do, but I've been trying to be more conscious about making the most of our time together. I promised Annabelle that while Daddy was gone we'd have a special girls day.

* Don't try to rob us while he's gone. We have an alarm system and I have bats at strategic locations around the house that I'm not afraid to use.

Before and after breakfast we played with beads. Sesame asked me to make a bead crown which I did, making sure to add plenty of sparkly beads. She decided not to wear it so I did instead. I couldn't let a perfectly good crown go to waste! 

My aunt gave AB a fairy set at Christmas that she loves to play with. I wanted to buy a plant for a fairy garden and another for my windowsill so we went to the garden shop. It opened for the season on Monday so they didn't have any plants yet, mostly just an assortment of clearance items and shelves of plant food. That didn't stop AB from having fun. She played with the sand the garden decorations were stuck in and had a great time. 

We ran to the grocery store for pizza toppings and she was thrilled to ride in the car cart. We had a small moment of negotiation because she wanted the yellow car and I wanted the blue. The yellow car is in front of the cart and is so much harder to push. I constantly crash into shelves and attract unwanted attention in the yellow car. I convinced her the blue car was best since it had a place for my purse. She once again told me it has two steering wheels so she can have one and her brother or sister can have the other. I think she assumes we can pick up a sibling in the bread aisle.
She could be an ad for Morning Star veggie burgers.
I let her pick supper and she asked for pizza. I've raised her so well! 
 She chowed down on the carrots before I had a chance to cut them.
Her latest favorite movie is Toy Story. We had a pizza picnic in the living room and watched Woody's friends rescue him for the 14th time this month. 
The highlight of our girls sleepover night was that she got to sleep in the big bed with me. I was once again reminded why I don't do cosleeping. It was like laying next to an octopus. Her limbs were everywhere. They were in my back and reaching to take the book out of my hands. Eventually I realized there was no way she'd go to sleep while I was up reading, so I turned off the light and pretended to be asleep. Two minutes later I felt little fingers trying to pry my mouth open. 
The next morning on the way to music class she called to me from the backseat and said, "I wove you, Mom." I guess the feet pounding my stomach were worth it. 


Angi said...

Bats in strategic locations...LOL! I understand, and the only thing that makes me feel better when Isaiah is out of town/working nights is the Glock in my nightstand.

Maybe this is mean, but I roll my eyes so hard at parents who co-sleep (by choice) every single night from birth to...when...sixteen?...and then complain about lack of a good night's rest. Feet pounding my stomach = reason #239013098345987234 we will not be a cosleeping family.

Jen said...

Hahaha this is exactly why I chose not to co-sleep! It just sounds exhausting and I like sleep too much.