Friday, March 3, 2017

squiggles the cat and ahhhhnold the pig

Someone at MOPS today said having kids is like making a 1,000 piece puzzle when there are no edge pieces, no picture on the cover of the box, and a few pieces from other puzzles thrown in the mix. In short, IT'S CHAOS AND NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO. If that doesn't entice you have to have kids I don't know what will.

Sometimes on hard days I think about what I'd really like and my conclusion is always the same. I'd like 48 hours to myself. Twenty four hours to deep clean the house and twenty four for nothing but relaxing and eating French fries. Pre 2014 Sarah had no idea how much free time or what a carefree life she had. All you people with more than one child can refrain from saying anything. I don't want to hear any speeches about "just you wait until you have more kids." One of my pet peeves is people, particularly parents, trying to one up each other with hardship stories. 

Moving on. 

On Tuesday (a day when I fantasized about those 48 hours) I found myself holding a telephone that Annabelle said was "a cat named Squiggles." She said we needed to sit on the rocking horse so we could all go to the zoo. I sat on the back where she told me to sit. She decided I was sitting on the wrong back and asked me to move to the side. I said I didn't fit on the side but she insisted I try. I didn't fit but I sat there holding Squiggles anyway. I pretended to use him as a phone (which didn't take much pretending because it WAS a phone) but she got flustered because he was a cat, not a phone. I used to have an illustrious acting career but now my director can't even remember the difference between back and side. 

She's gotten very particular about our words and actions. Christopher said something about her swim lessons and she told him "its actually called swimmING lessons, Daddy." If we say or do something that's outside the norm she lets us know. If I sit her stuffed animal rabbit in the wrong spot on the couch she let's me know that too. She's not rude about it, but she knows what she wants.

We had the following conversation in the car yesterday.
"I yike the name Ahnold."
"Arnold is an interesting name."
"No, it's Ahhhhnold. I want to name my pet pig Ahhhhnold."

She's said it as if she picked up a French accent overnight.

We told Christopher she made a puzzle at MOPS and he asked what the picture was. She said it was a piece of cheese on the beach. It was really Sponge Bob but she was spot on with her description! 

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Jen said...

Oh my gosh the name for the pig haha I love it.