Tuesday, March 14, 2017

weekend report

Since I last checked in, our kitchen sink clogged and wouldn't drain. I discovered the pipes had been slowly leaking all day and soaked everything in the cupboards beneath. We also heard back from Mac the mold man about the mold situation. There's mold in the cellar and slightly elevated traces of mold in the air of Annabelle's bedroom. It's delightful dealing with adult things.

On Friday morning we went to Sesame Street Live. Normally I avoid Sesame Street like the plague but Annabelle's school had tickets and I wanted her to experience it with her friends. My dislike of SS means Annabelle hasn't seen much of the show besides Elmo's World. I'd rather do 12 loads of laundry than hear Elmo talk about himself in third person but she likes it. 
Annabelle recognizes most of the SS characters and she was enthralled by Big Bird and Cookie Monster. We were sitting a few rows from the front so she was able to see everything. I'm glad it was a very low cost event because her very favorite part was collecting confetti that fell from the ceiling. We could have stayed home while I threw ripped up construction paper into the air.

I've racked my brain to think of what we did on Saturday but all I can remember is I went to the dollar store and cleared out their fake flower section. Wild times up in here!

Sunday night we had a craft night with two friends from MOPS. They each have two children which stressed out Annabelle a little. She doesn't like loud noises and confusion, which are two areas most children (including AB) excel at. In fact, yesterday we were watching a few of her friends and they started having a pillow fight. She was exhausted and overwhelmed and started saying, "Kids! Everybody calm down! It's too loud in here. Everybody calm down." She's in for a real treat when she has brothers.

We made wreaths and frankly I'm surprised at how well mine turned out.
I was hoping the wreath would kickstart Spring to get it's act together but no such luck. 
We spent some time in the snow when Sesame got up from her nap. She played about as long as it took me to get us both dressed. I couldn't find my snowpants so I had to wear Christopher's. I looked like a giant white marshmallow on the top and a giant black marshmallow on the bottom. You could even say I looked somewhat like an inflated cow. It was very attractive.

The snow wasn't packable so we made a laying down snowman. 

Happy Tuesday. Take notes from Annabelle and rock your gold shades as you go forth and concur the snow.


Laura Darling said...

I am cracking up at your entire description of the Sesame Street live event. Good times!!

Love the laying snowman. Very creative.

Jen said...

Oh my your recount of the event is awesome! Pretty much the best thing ever.

Also, boo to mold! Being an adult sucks.