Wednesday, March 22, 2017

thank the lord for unlimited texting

I was recently thinking about my visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum years ago. For some reason I remembered this picture in particular.
I think it was the following conversation with Annabelle that brought it to my mind:
"Mama? What are you saying?"
"Nothing. I'm talking to myself."
"Can you talk youder so I can hear?"

She comes by her nosiness honestly. (Obviously I mean Christopher is the nosy parent. I never get involved in the business of others.)

I spent a considerable portion of the day pondering which celebrities I'd like to text. I asked Christopher who his top four would be and these are his answers, along with his reasons. As per the usual, my thoughts on his picks are (like this).
1. Justin Thodeau, Prime Minister of Canada. He's young and tough "even though he's liberal." He deals with Trump. He boxes. He is the second member of his family to be Prime Minister. (A boxer is not on the top 500 requirements in any relationship of my life, personal or professional.)
2. Philip Seymour Hoffman. He chose good roles and was well read. (Any hopes of reply texts from Phil will be dashed since he's dead.)
3. Paul Giomatti. Great actor who has done some great work. (Possible topic of conversation- why does he look like this in every picture on google? Does he think he's smiling?)
4. Matt Damon. Really smart, really talented and yet humble and down to earth. A guy who is that successful and famous but still keeps a reasonable head on his shoulders is worth talking to. (I'd put Matt on my list but no need for us both to have him. I'll use C's phone if I want to ask his family over for supper.)

Honorable mentions-
Lyle Lovett
Seth Rogan
January Jones

My list was based less on fact and more on who I think is fun and always up for a good time.
1. Jennifer Garner. She seems like she'd be fun to hang out with and I like to think she can plan a great girls night. Since she has three children of her own she wouldn't mind if my sidekick came along too. We could bond over the fact the has a daughter named Violet which is a name I adore. More than just texting, I'd like to be neighbors with her
2. Carrie Underwood. Her version of How Great Thou Art is my very favorite of all time. I was hoping she'd be able to sing it at my wedding but there was a scheduling conflict. She'll be my gateway to becoming friends with Brad Paisley and Josh Turner. Her son is on the list of pre-approved boyfriends for Annabelle. She has great hair and maybe she'd share some tips with me.
3. Jenna Bush. Jenna has a good sense of humor which I enjoy in a texting partner, especially in a group text situation. A friendship with her would lead to lunch with her parents and grandparents, which is one of my great dreams in life.
4. Bradley Cooper. BCoops is one the list because I imagine him as someone who can bring a healthy amount of good memes to the table. Bonus points, he also has good hair. 

Notable mentions-
The Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds)
William, Kate and Harry. Obviously. 
Daniel Craig. I'm not a huge James Bond fan, but Daniel Craig seems like a handy friend to have around when you get a flat tire or need your oil changed. I have nothing to base that assumption on, but when he plays James Bond he can jump on moving trains and knows how to sail a boat so I have confidence in his ability to put on a spare tire.

Who should I add to the list? I'm open to suggestions as long as it's not Miley Cyrus. I don't need that kind of crazy in my life.


Jen said...

This is such a fun post! Oh man Jennifer Garner does seem like a lot of fun!

Michelle said...

I love this! James loves Paul G. He and C just became bffs for that.

Zoey Deschannel is my one and only. I adore her/want to be her/wear her clothes.