Saturday, May 20, 2017

Currently- the may edition

Attempting: To get up before Annabelle every morning. Not only get up before her, but do my devotions and exercises before she woke up. The whole idea is laughable, but my birthday is coming up and I'm trying to better myself and also lose weight. (When does extra weight cease to be baby weight and become regular weight? Asking for a friend.)

Normally I don't leave my bed until AB has called my name a number of times and I've spent 10 minutes saying "I'll be right there" so this is a real 180 from my norm. The first day I popped out of bed bright eyed and chipper. The second day I hit the snooze button once but I got my things done before Sesame woke up. The third day I accidentally overslept and only got out of bed because I realized the plumber was scheduled to arrive in 22 minutes. I did exercise every day, but I spent all week doing this.

Wishing: I was at Pippa Middleton's wedding. I'm choosing to believe my invitation got lost in the mail because of course she did invite me. First thing this morning I hopped online to see pictures. I like this picture of Kate trying to keep all the kids before going into church. I do the same thing every Sunday. She really is a mom like me. 
Meanwhile there's Charlotte, licking the bottom of her flower girl basket. Toddlers, man. They're all the same.
Reading: The first of The Mitford Series and A Day on the Farm.

Drinking: Apple cider vinegar. It might be good for my intestines but you know what it's not good for? My taste buds. I think they've all been burned off.

Baking/binge eating: Tagalong cookie bars. They are SO SO good. They're counter productive to weight loss but I don't care. They're worth it. I made them for MOPS but they were so frozen I couldn't get them out of the pan in time. I was left with an entire pan for myself. What a bummer.

Wondering: Why the founders of MOPS settled on a name that's also a household cleaning item. It stands for Mothers of Preschoolers which makes sense, but I wish they had chosen a name like LOVE (Lives of the Very Exhausted) or NAPS (Never Any Peace). They could have gotten the point across without reminding me that my floor needs to be washed.


Jen said...

Apple cider vinegar is no joke that's for sure. I've tried to drink it before and wow.

Sunday School said...

You'd have had a tough time at Pippa's wedding. The wedding crew barred all cell phone use during the ceremony and reception. If you think you could sneak your Android past security without anyone noticing, think again. They used a CELL PHONE MONITOR to be sure all guests really did leave their phones at home. You would be ROYALLY UNPLUGGED. It would be tough. #pippaundercover

Also, when you make the Taglong cookie bars, do you use wheat flour or a gluten free flour substitute?

In addition, why isn't there a group for dads called M.O.W.E.R.S? W.E.E.D.W.A.C.K? Or maybe even...P.L.S.S.H.A.V.E?