Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Little Memories, May 2017

Being the last day of the month, today is when I'd normally blog about little things to remember for the last month. I don't think I'll forget this morning.

Annabelle got a bead stuck up her nose.

I was putting makeup on when she nonchalantly came over and announced the problem. At first I told her she did not have a bead up her nose. (Mother of the year!) I assumed it was part her latest game of pretending her bed is an airplane and her old pacifier is a bottle of milk. She's never stuck anything anywhere in her body. I looked up her nose and sure enough, there it was. 
I wasn't sure whether to attempt getting it out myself (it was pretty far up there) or take her to the professionals. I called Mom and texted my people. They gave suggestions like pressing the opposite nostril and blowing into her mouth. It worked a little but she kept sniffling and the bead would go back up. I was thiiis close to getting it would with tweezers but I accidentally gave her a bloody nose in the process. I called the doctor and she said to come in at 9 o'clock. While I was on the phone Annabelle fell down the stairs. What a great day! We were heading out the door to the doctor when I had to stop and wipe the blood off AB's little face. She sneezed and out shot the bead. Then I laid down on the floor and recovered.

So how was your day?
* Sesame's newest favorite show is Umizoomi. At the end of every episode the characters do a special "we fixed the problem" crazy dance. Whichever members of our family are in the room do the crazy dance. Someday she'll be so embarrassed by my dancing. I'm living it up while I can. 

* Speaking of Sesame (as I always do. I'm sorry for being a broken record.). Among her collection of stuffed animals, books, tissues, blankets and general paraphernalia was a plastic watering can. I don't know how long she was sleeping with it, but she was quite attached to it. When I needed something to rinse shampoo out of her hair I went to her bed and got the watering can. It was very handy.

* AB's jokes continue everyday. She's constantly asking us to tell her jokes. All day long she says "you tell knock knock joke, Mama?" I have told every single joke I can think of. I make up stupid jokes like "what did the cat say to the other cat? I like your ears!" They're not funny at all but she enjoys them. One of her jokes is "Why did the chicken cross the road to see the tree run down the road and get in the others ones bebo (bellybutton)?" 


Jen said...

Oh gosh! I was just talking to a friend of mine about the weird things kids stick up their nose. I'm dreading when that happens.

Laura Darling said...

Sesame has a future as a comedian I think! :) Ha! Oh my gosh with the bead story. I'm glad it eventually came out!

Rachel said...

So glad that the bead incident didn't end up requiring a doctor's visit! The sort of ideas little ones come up with...