Tuesday, May 30, 2017

golden birthday

I had my golden birthday over the weekend. I turned 28 on the 28th. Judging by the popping and cracking when I exercise, my body seems to think I'm 128.

Last year I started a tradition of going to the best flower shop in town to buy myself a bouquet. It's only been two years, but I think it will be a lasting tradition.
We went to church Sunday morning then visited with Mom who had arrived late the night before. Christopher and I had a day date that afternoon which hasn't happened in 37 months (aka Annabelle's birth). For my birthday meal that night we went to a restaurant with the best chocolate dessert I've ever had. It was a quiet day but so nice. Christopher always does a good job of making my birthdays special.
Christopher gave my a gorgeous necklace with "I love you" written in his handwriting. I had been hinting at it for a few years. Annabelle gave me out a package of magnetic chip clips. Just what I always wanted! She has since confiscated them all.
On Monday we took a day trip to recreated villages from three different time periods- pioneer, antebellum and turn of the century. 
It's not every day you get to ride a giant turkey statue.
I fell in love with a charming little house in the center of town. It was actually the biggest house in the entire place and built by a wealthy doctor, but who's counting square footage or dollar signs. I overlooked the abundance of mud, lack of showers and takeover by the flies. I was practically decorating it for Christmas in my head.
A single fly is buzzing around my head as I write this and driving me NUTS. I could not live in any of those time periods. I'll stay here with my air conditioning, running water and new chip clips.


Jen said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! :)

Laura Darling said...

I'm cracking up about the chip clips still. Did they get them on the same shopping trip as all the infinity scarves?

Jenn said...

Happy belated birthday! You picked some lovely flowers for yourself, and I do declare nothing makes me happier than clips and magnets so if you are genuinely excited for those chip clips, then me too, sister. We are legit MOMS. ;)