Monday, May 22, 2017

weekend report

Our wild Friday plans started off with a movie night. Annabelle picked her newest favorite show, Umizoomi. As the second episode was ending, I said we were going to turn it off. Sensing I wasn't going to allow a third episode, Annabelle tried a new tactic to convince me we should keep watching for MY sake. She said, "Have you ever seen da numbers one? I fink you'd yike it." NICE TRY, little salesperson.  
Saturday morning we went out to breakfast. AB has reached the stage where she is deeply hurt and starts crying about small things. I know things that seem small to me are huge in her world, but did she really need to start crying because I dared outline the banana on her coloring page in black instead of yellow? She thought so. 

After breakfast we planted our garden. Our yard is a good size but because of deer we only have a small planting area. Christopher has no gardening experience and Annabelle only has experience digging things up so I had my hands full directing the operation. So far we have tomatoes, peppers and carrots. I have green bean seeds to plant still but haven't decided where to plant them. We constructed a fence out of chicken wire and dowels, but I didn't buy enough wire to go around the whole garden. It goes around half the garden and leaves the other half open to the deer so needless to say it's completely pointless.

 In the afternoon we went to a baseball game with friends from work. They have a little girl around AB's age and all week Annabelle talked about having a "pretzel and popcorn sharing party with Grace." We got both and all her dreams came true. It's so fun she's at an age where she can understand basics of the game. She didn't understand why I didn't have control over which songs were played over the loudspeakers, but I like that she assumes I'm in charge of everything. 

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