Thursday, May 25, 2017

i'm trying to look on the bright side. hopefully the bright side isn't covered in ants.

It's Thursday which means Friday and the weekend are right around the corner. Based on the last few days I've had, it's coming not a moment too soon. Allow me to air my grievances.

* Ants invaded our kitchen.
* Annabelle is still not sleeping at night. Tuesday night she got out of bed and emptied her pajama drawer, her pants drawer, her jewelry box and the basket of extra bows. The only reason she didn't pull all the wipes out again was because I had the foresight to move the diaper basket into the hallway. I have had it UP TO HERE with her current sleep habits. 
* I woke up itchy from head to toe.
* Potty training is a disaster. 
* Annabelle's cup leaked milk all over the floor.
* I have so little patience and I hate it. I wanted to be a stay at home but when the person I'm pushing on the swing insists I HAVE to push her from the back, not the front or while sitting on a swing next to her (God forbid I want to rest after our long night), I wonder why I didn't go through with my plan of being a party planner or an astronaut. I bet they get to sit where ever they want.
* I took my car to the mechanic because it's started a habit of locking the doors when the keys are on the inside and I'm on the outside. Of course they couldn't figure out the problem. Now I'll spend all summer worrying that Annabelle will be locked in a hot car again.

And that was just Wednesday.

On the bright side, not everything has been terrible this week.

* Yesterday I scoured the town looking for a particular brand of natural children's sleep aid my friend recommended. I never found it so I got a different brand that "promotes restfulness and soothes irritability." The irony of the situation is she was irritable after I gave some to her, but she did fall asleep before 9:30 which is a step in the right direction.

* I let AB watch more shows than I normally would the last few days. I started to get annoyed about it but decided it's ok. It's not going to ruin her or take away her chances of a good life if she watches four episodes of Umizoomi. I don't use the tv as a babysitter for hours on end. If it helps me get through the day when I have a raging headache, than thank God for the tv.

* Dunkin Donuts is always open.

* The group texts I have with three of the funniest people I know are a saving grace on bad days.

* Sesame made me this little craft at church on Mother's Day. Every time this week I've had to clear the table and perform an ant massacre it made me smile.


Michelle said...

Our group texts are THE BEST. I realize you may be talking about three of your other friends in which case never mind.

Amen to the tv. We keep it limited too but if it lets me lie down after a night of no sleep, then hallelujah.

Laura Darling said...

I got about halfway through this post and though "I hope she had some DD this week." I sighed with relief when you mentioned it!

I have no advice on the sleeping or the potty training or the car's strange mechanical issues, but I do hope you have some improvement in all those areas soon. If not, there's always NASA.

Jen said...

Ugh sending lots of sleep vibes your way. I don't blame you for using TV as a way to get through the day. It happens and sometimes it needs to happen.