Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Fun

Even with all the snow we've had so far this year, Thursday was the first time I've actually played in it. Sometimes I'll want to go out but they twins don't, so I stay inside and look out the window{which in no way compares}. Its not the same playing in the snow by yourself!

In the O' family however, you're guaranteed to always have atlest a few people willing to go out with you!

Abbie asked me to help her build a snowman to which I was more then happy to agree. We were so busy that I didn't even notice the others burying my best friend of 18 years up to her neck in freezing cold snow. I didn't offer to help her out since she seemed perfectly happy there,but I did run in for my camera so we'd have photographic evidence.

The looks on the faces are so funny. Joanna looks happy, and as you go around to the right the smiles fade and by the time you get to Paul, serious faces are all the rage. Sarah even seems to be bowing down to the Snow Queen. I guess the others didn't get that memo.

Of course, I had to take a picture with said best friend who was buried in the snow. Right after this picture she got too cold and unburied herself.

Meet Frederick, our completely adorable aviator snowman.

Abbie, Frederick, me, Paul, and Peter
I love these kids so much! They seem to like me a little, too. : )

The Snowman Making Crew{and those who didn't help much but wanted to be in the picture}.

Its a little washed out, but I love this picture Jimmy took of Katie.

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