Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure that "finish looking thru the Christmas Tour of Homes" doesn't Count

I gave up on making New Years resolutions somewhere around the time that I realized I was saying the same thing year after year and not much was changing(sometime around 6 years ago). For example, how many years in a row did I say I would write in my diary every single day only to still be using the same diary today that I started four years ago?

This year I've decided that I'm going to try again to give myself a few achievable resolutions/goals. Besides, if I write it here maybe someone will keep me accountable.

* sew a full-size quilt
* become a better photographer
* finish blogging about Daniel's wedding and all the events leading up to it
* practice piano more
* make time in my schedule to cook, bake, sew and read more
* learn to decorate cakes and cookies well
* go on vacation with Katie, just the two of us
* write in my diary every single day atlest three times a week

*I reserve the right to add to and amend these goals to at any time.*

Please excuse me, as I'm heading over to The Nesting Place to finishing look at all the Christmas homes. Hopefully I'll be finished before the 2010 edition.

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