Friday, January 1, 2010


.moments of blueberry happiness.

. moments of sister and brother.

.moments of posing with soldiers.

.moments of taking up the whole New York city sidewalk.

.moments of morning yummies.

.moments with new friends.

.moments of beauty and young love.

.moments of victory upon successfully picking up a penny from the bottom of the pool using only our toes.

.moments of new birth.

.moments that remind us just how small we are.

.moments of being dressed in disguised to photograph a friends engagement.

.moments that made us say 'um' then 'ok' then 'never mind'.

.moments when we danced with balloons.

.moments of pure cuteness.

.moments when friends were missed.

.moments of running with the goal in sight.

.These were the moments of our year.

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