Friday, January 22, 2010

We Went Up to the City 'Cause the Music was So Pretty

Grandma,Mom,Elizabeth and I took a girls trip to the city this afternoon for this:

Wesley's organ recital{I told you he's famous in the organ world!}. It was a lunch concert so it was only a half hour{sadly}but we loved it regardless. He did so well. Erika was his Official Page Turner and like just about everything she does, she performed fabulously. She was saying their Gramma has always gone to all Wesley's concerts but since she moved to SC with the rest of the family and couldn't be there,it was nice our Grandma could be there so he'd have some grandmother there. I have no problem sharing my Grandma with anyone!

I personally think this picture couldn't be any better; everyone looks so good.{See Mom, I AM taller than you!} The eagle on the right adds alot,too. ; )

1 comment:

Katie said...

Sarah ~ It is a good picture!

I have no idea is Gigi is a Southern grandma thing or not. I think people just like it. ; )

We liked it because she is Zach's "great-grandmother" like "gg."