Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do I Have Gray Hairs??

The other day this lovely envelope appeared in our mailbox.
It had my name on it.

Can we just discuss this for a minutes,please?

I don't think I belong in the American Association of Retired Persons yet.

Dear AARP,
I truly do appreciate the kindness you showed recently by sending me information about your fine company. Upon examination of all enclosed papers, I discovered gold in the form of membership benefits. Not only would I have discounts on travel and access to health-related benefits, but I would have a spokesperson who would speak out for my rights! This discovery was second in excitement only to the fact that you sent me my very own red and white membership card. To receive all this, all you require of me is that I sent you my one year membership fee of $16.00. This, my friends, is where our honeymoon may come to an end. You see, I am not 1) retired or 2) 50 or over. I'm not exactly sure where you got the impression that I'm 50 or over{do I look it?}, but I assure you that I am not. Did you somehow find out about the midlife crisis I had when I turned 20?!

Thank you again for your offer. I'll be sure to give you a call in 30 years when I'm in need of a spokesperson who will defend Medicare and my pension rights. I'm especially interested in how they will defend me against age discrimination.


Sarah Who-is-now-worried-she-may-look-30-years-older-then-she-really-is
Daniel and I thought up an interesting experiment using my brand new AARP membership card. I may not be old enough to order a drink at a restaurant{if I even wanted to}, but would they still have to let me since I have a legitimate card saying I'm 50 or over??

I think that's one experiment that may never be answered. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... so funny.

aimymichelle said...

hah that is something i would have tried too.

Brandi said...

That post made me giggle. When my dad turned 50, the AARP sent him something and he asked my mom why they would be sending him something for old mom just laughed.

I received my bowl yesterday!! Thank you so very much. I'm going to use it on Saturday when I host a baby shower. You are awesome! Look for a post about it soon.