Thursday, March 11, 2010

WOTH Day 2

My second day as reigning queen woman of the house was spent 98% of the time outside of the house. I was volunteering at the hospital all morning, then spent about 10 minutes at home before leaving to babysit Molly and Zachary. Molly and I tried to make "Thumb print cookies" but something must have gone wrong in the thumb print area because all the jelly we used to fill the centers poured over the edges of the cookies. They've since been more aptly renamed "elephant footstep cookies". Were there pictures of the cookies, they would not be deemed family friendly and would therefore make no appearance here.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Grandma took Dad and I out to eat for supper. I had planned on making something with shrimp and spaghetti, but being gone 9 consecutive hours is hardly conducive to preparing a fancy meal so I was more then happy to have someone do the cooking for me. {According to Dad: "Mom thinks the shrimp has been frozen so long that it's not good any more,but I think its probably fine. We'll find out if it's not."} Nothing could possibly make up for the range of emotions I the matchmaker felt upon realizing that our waiter would be so perfect for Autumn! Regardless of the fact we don't know him from anything, they would just be so cute together! Cute is all that matters, right? My hopes were dashed however when he mentioned his fiance. Oh well, hope springs eternal in another restaurant. I left a note for him on the table the said "Enjoy your wedding! :)". Just think, he might have that note taped to his refrigerator for all 52 years of his marriage!

On the agenda for tomorrow:
I really hope I get something worthwhile done! I guess the feeling of 'so much to do, so little time' is a WOTH side effect!
I really must go now. I'm simultaneously writing this, chatting with Elizabeth on gmail{she thinks I'm no fun since I never chat, so I'm out to prove her wrong},watching The Office, and telling myself my ETA to bed was half an hour ago.

If, as Michael Scott said, "that was sort of clearish" at all.

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