Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Its Raining Dresses and Bags

At this time last year, I was one of those who would hang my head in shame when others spoke of the things they had won. Raffle baskets. Concert tickets. College scholarships. Then, oh happy day, I won this adorable onesie.{It still hasn't found its rightful owner, ahem Daniel and Erika.}

In the unprecedented hours surrounding February 24th, 2010, I won not one, but three giveaways.

My joy was also unprecedented.

Giveaway #1

A monogrammed badge so handy for my hospital badge
{courtesy of
Jennas Journey and C & C Originals}
{less then professional photography by someone who wishes to remain Anon Y Mous}

Giveaway #2

I have spoken one or 30 times about Keri and the beautiful things she creates. It brings me great joy to be the proud new owner of this bag! I was thinking of using it as a knitting bag, but its so much bigger then I expected it may become my new knitting/sleepover/going out with all the cool people bag. Want to know what brings me even greater joy then owning this bag? Keri's going to have a baby! Be still my utter and unashamedly baby-loving heart.

Giveaway #3

Last but certainly not least, I won this adorable, adorable baby knot dress Addison Ava from Natalie!
I may have gained a few gray hairs while trying to decide which dress to pick, but it was worth every last one when I opened the envelope to see this dress. is it not one of the cutest dress ever?!! I can't wait for when my little Kathryn{Kathrine? I'm still deciding which spelling},Lydia,or Melissa come along so she can wear it. In the meantime, it will sit in my Hope chest waiting for her. ♥

Upon seeing my great winning success, my family has started putting their requests in for what they'd like me to win next. Elizabeth asked for a refrigerator. I have yet to find a site that regularly gives away large household appliances!

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Hannah said...

Congratulations! Love the dress :)

I'm years (a decade probably) from having kids, but I've already started planning their rooms, names, and even their clothes, too!