Monday, June 8, 2009

When It Pays to Play

You may have noticed that I post about/link to giveaways alot. You might even think "why's she doing this again? Doesn't she know I don't come here to read about giveaways when I could just go directly to the sites themselves." That, my friends, is what you may be thinking.

That's not what I'm thinkin'.

There's more to the story then just telling you about cute/hip/fun products you could get for free. Every time I do, I get extra entries. Now I'll admit that I'm not that great in math but if I'm told "blog about it and get another chance at winning"'d better believe that I can put 1 + 1 together and get 2.

Lest you think that my thinking doesn't work, here's something for you to think about:

Isn't this cute? I won it.

Of course, my adorable onesie from Mitetees won't say 'a rebecca and billy production'(I don't know any Rebecca's and Billy's. Well I do, they're just not together--like in a couple. Oh never mind, I should have just left it alone.) Anyhow...mine is going to say 'a erika and daniel production' and I shall save it for that glorious day when I become an aunt. : )

And you'd better believe that Daniel and Erika will get some extra credit for making that glorious day happen sooner rather then later! : )

(And don't worry-they don't read this blog so the surprise won't be spoiled!)


Ruth Ann said...

hi there...I'm just curious. I'm over here from AmandaBethOnline and I was just curious - is there a link to where you can actually purchase these onesie sets? You didn't say where you wont it from. =) Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hi Ruth Ann! Thanks for stopping by! You can buy the sets from Aren't they so cute!? :) Have a great day!

ps. incase you're wondering,I won it from

Ruth Ann said...


thanks for letting me know and giving me the link! They are quite cute...and original! Wish the pricetag were a little lower though...but for special occasions it'd be worth it! =)

Thanks again.