Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Check out what Mckmama and everyone else have not been doing this week!

This was the week in which:

* I did not mistake a letter opener for a knife and being to cut my pie with it.(In my own defense, the letter opener exactly matched the silverware. Exactly. I don't think I can be fully blamed for the misunderstanding.)

* I did not eat half of the said pie.(In my own defense again, had I eaten half a pie I'm positive it would have been half of a small pie, which is not like eating half a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.)

* I did not get my various usernames and passwords mixed up,confused, and forgotten. Again.

* I most definitely did not start throwing my friend's pocketknife around after church after he made a remark about "how well it threw." Church is not place to be throwing knives around even if almost everyone has left and you're slightly bored while waiting for your parents to come out of a meeting. I'm much to much of a lady to do that.

* I did not completely embarrass myself when throwing the knife around. I no longer agree with John's assessment that his knife throws well.

* I did not tease and tease and tease my friend(who's a mom and also my Sunday school teacher)about her bad memory on Facebook where the whole world can see what I've written.

* I am not procrastinating about cleaning my room and doing school. Nope, not me!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great list. Happy Not Me Monday.