Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friendship Friday Edition 1

In this first real edition of Friendship Friday, I couldn't possible start with any friend other than Katie.

We've been friends every since we "met" in the nursery at my church when I was 2 and she 3; neither of us remembers that day. :) Since then we've spent many, many wonderful times together. When we were young we used to think "when we're old and can drive, we'll get together every weekend for sleepovers and whenever we want!!". Sadly we didn't realize that "when we're old" doesn't really mean that we have all sorts of free time to get together whenever we want! We've never lived closer then about 35 minutes(currently we live almost an hour away,)but I think it makes that time when we can get together even more special.

Whenever she would sleep over my house when we were little, we'd always say "is the prince in a good mood this morning?" to my brother Daniel first thing in the morning. We have nooo idea where this statement steamed from, but I'm pretty sure that it didn't help put him in a good mood in the morning. We also tried this with Katie's sister Marylynn, but it never caught on. I mean, we did substitute the word "prince" for "princess".

She introduced me to her, and now my, friend Erin who in turn is going to introduce me to her boyfriend in July. I just recently introduced her to Daniel's fiance, Erika. (by the way, Katie and her other sister Joy were a ranking-commitee of sorts and Erika passed with an A+. Not the I'm bragging or anything, I'm just saying.)

I also adore her family. She is the third of eleven children and each one of them are so special to me. If I'm ever feeling unloved, all I have to do is hop over to her house and I'll be covered with kisses and affection and "please play with me!" requests from the youngest five. Hr mom has become a second mother to me.

I feel that I should share this latest picture of Katie. I'm going to put it in a scrapbook for her future husband.(by the way again, I've already told Katie that I might not like her husband. I might have a tendency to become jealous in these situations.

I love you, bestest ever friend! ♥♥♥♥


As for blogger "friends", this week I'll mention Amanda. I first met Amanda a very long time ago at testing(for you unhomeschoolers, most homeschoolers do testing for 2-3 days at the end of the school year and send the results to the state)and while I'm sure she's a fabulously fun person to hang around with, I've only seen her once or twice since then. I would love to see her again, though. :) Amanda's fashion blog is fun to read and so educational. That's where our blogs differ-Amanda's is educational. She is having an online fashion show in a couple of weeks that I'm sure is going to be super fun!

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