Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday

Head over to read what MckMama and everyone else have not been doing this week.

* I most certainly did not spend time on Facebook seeing "What Taylor Swift Song are You?" (apparently I'm Only Me When I'm With You) and "What Will You Name Your Son?" (Oliver. Oliver???? What? Where did you get that from?). I defiantly did not even consider finding out "Which Potato Are You?"(there is, after all, a limit to what I will waste my time on.)

* I did not feel the intense need to fix the bathing suit on the female manikin at the mall. Its not my store so I really don't need to worry about that. In these situations you just quietly tell the manager or somebody that *something needs to be fixed asap* and leave the store in peace. I did not go up to the poor lady and replace the bathing suit where it should be on her body. But if I had done that, I'm sure I would have been the recipient of some Medal of Civic Duty...or the profuse thanks of a mother out shopping with her young son.

* I did not practice the message I was going to leave on an answering machine about 83 times and therefor was not completely confused and stunned when someone actually answered the phone and drove everything I was going to say out the window leading to much stuttering and stammering.

* I did not reset the "I'm getting off the computer now" timer one, or five, times in a row. It was getting late and I needed to get ready for bed; that would have just been very irresponsible.

* I did not spend time reading blogs that had 'twins, triplets, or multiples' in their name. I'm not infatuated with twins, triplets, or multiples(or any baby for that matter).

* I did not buy a 9-pair pack of earrings from Wal-Mart to give my friend for her birthday with the full intention of keeping one three pair for myself.

* While volunteering at the childrens hospital, I did not get stuck multiple times in the automatic revolving doors because I was pulling one of those big red wagons.

* And finally, I did not almost have a breakdown because I turned 20 on Thursday. My mom, in her kindly sympathetic way, did not join me in wearing black shirts because of the aformentioned occasion.

* I did not just write "aformentioned" because its so professional sounding. Not me!

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