Friday, March 5, 2010

The Great Search Continues

Today was The Great Search for Dawn's Wedding Dress 2010, day 2.

It was quite a bit more successful then Day 1 last week.{Due in part to the wonderful lack of the man working in the dressing room of the boutique we went to last week.That was all levels of awkward.} Marisa finally found a cute pink dress that went well with Bec's, so we moved on to the really important dress-Dawn's! After all, "it's my day" said the bride. Having visited that bridal store approximately 8 times in the last 5 months because of Daniel and Andrew's weddings, I felt right at home. In between Marisa's cries of "why can't I get married RIGHT NOW!! I love this dress!!" and Rebecca's not much more helpful "Look at this one! I wish I could wear this!", I looked for dresses that would fit Dawn's requirements: tea length, off white or ivory, and preferably with straps. The bridal assistant found three pretty dresses to start with so it was off to the dressing room. The girls and I entertained ourselves with my camera while Dawn was changing, then began the ooohhhing, and aaahhhing when she reappeared. The first dress was very cute but it was hard to tell if it was The one since we hadn't seen any others. We loved the second dress.

Its hard to tell in the picture, but it had the most beautiful circle lace overlay studded with little diamonds and pearls. We really though it was The One.

Then we{by "we" I mean Dawn}tried on the third dress.

The style was so different from the other two we didn't think we'd like it but Dawn tried it on anyway. It was so sophisticated and elegant. We loved that one too! It can altered to tea length, but its so pretty long that Dawn's rethinking the length she wants.

Now begins The Great Wedding Dress Decision on 2010.

I'm so glad I went with them; I love that type of thing! I'm just glad I don't have to be the one to make the 'which dress' decision! Is it really as hard as I think it must be?? I saw so many beautiful dresses that I know it could take me days to decide what I would buy!

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Brandi said...

I just posted a pic of my bowl, along with a shout-out to you! Thanks again, sweet lady!!