Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It is the Worst of Jobs,it is the Best of Jobs

Disclaimer: this is not meant as a big complaint post. I love babysitting and am so thankful I have this as my job instead of folding shirts in a crowded store for 8 hours a day. I love,love,love kids and can't wait until I have my own. That being said, sometimes I just have "one{or 12}of those days".

Babysitting is not always a glorious occupation.

Some days it seems that whatever is on the menu for the day is not exciting enough for the super picky eaters little Emerils. The dog is chewing the wall{with all the dog toys around, you pick the wall to chew?}. Going out requires 15 minutes of planning and multiple repetitions of "time to put our shoes on now,guys. YOUR shoes, Max. Please put your socks on first, ok? Are those really your shoes or your brothers? That's what I thought. Yours are by the door." The dog is chewing on the pillows. Again. Of course the diaper wipes are in the other bathroom. I use the wrong remote and the tv no longer works. "Just because someone does something unkind to you doesn't mean you should do something unkind back to them." The dog is banished outside after she begins eating my beautiful dark blue scarf. "But I don't waaaaant the grapes. I wanna cheese stick." Not one but three cups of water spill on the kitchen table. Sometimes I have done the unthinkable and actually bribed a child out of the library so as to avoid a scene. {Granted, I've only bribed with strawberries so it was healthy, but the Sarah of five years ago never, ever would have bribed.}"No, we can't have dessert right now because we haven't eaten supper yet. Actually, that was breakfast you just ate." Shirts and pants suddenly become the perfect place for an artistic masterpiece. "You know what is going to happen now, don't you? You'll have to deal with the consequences." And now we are out of diapers.

{Is this what it's like to be a mom?}

But some days when I babysit for my two favorite families, the hugs, wet kisses, little giggles and cute sayings make babysitting the very best job in the world.

{The very best except for being a mom.}


Ria Thurston said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by from Kelly's Korner - wasn't that a cool idea?? I am now following your blog and excited to read more :) Be blessed!!

Marla said...

I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes after I babysit for eight hours, I feel so tired. I seriously wonder if that's how mom's feel all the time.


Shannon said...

Hey! found you on Kelly's Korner- I can totally relate to this post about babysitting. It's so much more exhausting than people realize but I just think about how it's going to be when I have my own kids. It definitely teaches you patience and love. (Oh and I've used a bribe a time or two before- I think it's inevitable)

Sarah said...

Its so nice to know that I'm not alone with my babysitting woes! ;)

Oh Shannon, I completely agree. It does teach so much patience and love! I was just saying to my mom the other day that I've really come to realize that the families-and days-that are the hardest are the times I learn the most from! ♥