Tuesday, October 11, 2011

of apples and buffalo

To keep in the spirit of Fall activities, we went apple picking yesterday.

We had a special guest with us. (Please note how Baby's head is still attached.)
When we got to the orchard, we were presented with a myriad of activities. We did the corn maze first. It took all of 45 seconds.
Immediately after the below picture, Allison and I climbed up a small wooden tower in order to reach the yellow slide at the top. The slide was not made for people of my size, something I discovered when I got stuck immediately after entering.
Near the slide was a long tunnel that ended next to a twisty green slide. I convinced Allison it would be fun to crawl through and go down another slide. Once again I did not judge the size properly and only managed not to get stuck while crawling by wearing my sunglasses instead of having them atop my head. Half way through our long journey, a herd of wild buffalo entered the tunnel behind us. I turned around and saw four very loud little boys not three inches away from my face. They obviously had some place to be, but Allison was pondering each movement she made so I knew there was no chance we'd be out of there anytime time soon. The buffalo were getting antsy to get by us so I did the only thing I could think of- I started extolling the wonders of the yellow slide. I told them it was SO FUN! And VERY twisty! Even I went down it! After a brief conference among themselves, the herd of boys decided that if a "big kid" went down the slide, they could too. 
After going to slides and riding duckie carousels, we went on a tractor ride to the spot where we could pick apples. (It almost seemed like Allison didn't want to be in this picture with us because she REFUSED to look up.)
This picture makes me so happy. I think I'll stick Allison in my pocket and keep her forever.*
(* Do you think her parents would mind?) 


Mary Ann said...

That is a cute pic of Allison :-) It sounds like you had a fun time! I love apple picking and all that autumn-sy stuff!

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Awe, such sweet pictures!

Sara L said...

Your comment about Allison not looking up during the group picture made me giggle...and made me comment. :)