Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the tragedy at Babysitterville

The scene of the crime: the playground
The victim: Baby (how terrible does that sound??)
Eyewitness: Allison
Suspect: Sarah aka babysitter aka Mayor of Babysitterville aka me
Testimony: Around 11:04 on Monday, October 3rd 2011, Sarah and Allison were playing at the playground. More specifically, Sarah was pushing Allison on the swing. Sarah discovered that Allison thought it highly entertaining if she (Sarah) throw Baby up in the air and caught her as she came down. She repeated this process for at least ten (10) minutes. This brings us to 11:14. Sarah thought it would be brilliant to capture Allison's glee on film (or more accurately, on memory card) so once again she threw the baby up into the air. Unfortunately she failed to catch Baby.
Resulting actions: Sarah, by now the perpetrator of a terrible crime, scoped up both pieces of Baby and put them in the stroller in a way that made it seem as if everything was JUST DANDY, took Allison out of the swing, and walked home while feeling very guilty indeed. Sarah then proceeded to glue Baby's head back to her neck, as well as put a few stitches in the the back to give Baby a little more durability. All the while Allison looked at her beloved Baby who had, according to the criminal, "gotten a boo-boo but would be better VERY SOON". She kept looking at her headless Baby as if something was wrong but she couldn't quite figure out what. Meanwhile, Sarah discovered that the glue she was using was removing the nail polish off her fingernails giving Baby some lovely spots of burgandy All Nighter on her neck. Poor Baby was having a rough day.
End result: Baby has returned to her normal healthy state (although with slightly less mobility in her neck area), and Allison is happy and has barely noticed anything went wrong. Sarah has learned her lesson from the tragedy at the Babysitterville playground- for Pete's sake, don't throw a baby if you're not going to catch it!


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Poor, poor Baby! I forsee a future, life-long fear of photo shoots!

olive and love said...

LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!