Saturday, October 1, 2011

October the 1st

I don't know if you looked at the calendar today, but it's
I personally am not overly excited about the date and even had a meeting wherein I asked September to please go on for a few more weeks, but I was not successful. The beginning of October means it's only a few weeks before Christopher goes off to a three month school and I go back home. It might be slightly sad. I might even cry. (see also: I am a girl so it's almost guaranteed there will be crying involved.)

In other news, today is Miss Ariela's two month birthday. I plan on spending a lot of quality time with her in the next three months.

I had this centerpiece on the kitchen table for the last few weeks.

I made the pumpkin out of a paper book. Christopher gave me two books he no longer wanted and since they were both the same size and I knew one had language in it, I chose the other.I didn't want a a profane pumpkin, something I think is completely understandable.  
When I told Christopher my book-picking logic, he said, "Well, the book you picked has unfaithfulness and adultery in it."

My poor pumpkin.


Kelsey said...

I am in love with your pumpkin! SO cute! I'm sorry that Christopher is leaving for a few months. I hope that it goes quickly!

Dandelion Momma said...

An October 1st fun fact: It's my wedding anniversary! But I could see how it marking the beginning of the countdown to Chris leaving could make it a sade day. On a brighter note, I love your pumpkin!

Mrs. Lovely said...

too cute and funny! Thanks for stopping by and I LOVE your wedding picture :) The first year of marriage is so fun, can't wait to read more about it!

olive and love said...

Thanks for checking on my blog! Love your pumpkin! Happy October!