Friday, October 14, 2011

I think any kind of Food Officer job would be nice

1. Christopher's parentals are up for a visit/to help us pack and move.
1a. Christopher's father is a FAST packer. 
1b. I was not given any fast packer genes, something that became quite evident after he packed the entire kitchen in half the time it took me to pack one closet.
1c. I choose to believe this is because I like to bubble wrap and tape everything within an inch of its life, and not because I am an inexperienced packer.
2. For the last month or so Christopher has been taken a special class at work. After seeing the graduation ceremony for my friend Kayla's husband, I prepared myself for all sorts of ceremony wonderfulness for my husband. (I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I do enjoy a good Army ceremony.) There was not a chance in the world I would forget about it, but I wrote GRADUATION in very big letters on my calendar just so I could see it.  I pondered my graduation ceremony attire. I ensured the camera battery was charged.

Then the powers that be decided they didn't want "guests" at the graduation.

I was less than enthusiastic about their decision.

When Christopher told me I might not be able to attend, I offered to go as a Refreshments Officer. I was informed that my plan, while incredibly impressive (my words, not his), would not work at this event. I was slightly baffled at that because I have this theory that putting 'officer' in front of anything instantly puts one HIGH ON THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

Apparently not.

3. Christopher got the Smarty Pants Award* for being the smartest his the class. Katie having the highest gpa of her graduating class and Christopher earning the Smarty Pants Award at his school can mean only one thing- I like to hang out with smart people.

*For those aspiring to military greatness, let me tell you something. If you ask your recruiter how to earn the Smarty Pants Award, you probably won't get anywhere because chances are he won't have heard of it. I, using the creativity given me by the Lord, came up with the name myself since I don't know the real name of the award. (While you're there, why not consider becoming a Refreshments Officer?)

You all have a lovely weekend.

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

I've been blog hoping and just stumbled upon yours and had to laugh because I make up word for official Army-ness ALL THE TIME. I have been known to slip and use my terms in front of my hubby's counterparts before and look at me like a crazy person! Love it! Ill be adding 'refreshment officer' to my dictionary right away :)