Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amerigo Day

Yesterday we observed Columbus Day like most of our fellow Americans. Except I call it Amerigo Vespucci Day because I believe in giving honor where honor is due. I told Christopher (the husband, not the explorer) my thoughts and he said if we’re being technical about it, we should call it Lief Ericson Day because Lief landed in the Americas before Amerigo. Welcome to our daily discussions of our marriage.
We spent the day up in Nashville doing the touristy things. We visited the Ryman and took a backstage tour. I loved the windows.
The tour guide informed us that just the other week Martina McBride sat on a particular couch in the dressing room we were in, and it took three of us to hold Christopher back from BOLTING over to sit where Martina had sat. Can you imagine the blog material had he really done that?!

Next we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame.
(They had a temporary T. Swift exhibit but I didn’t spend much time there because I have some strong feelings regarding her. They’re mostly along the lines of girlfriend needs to pick her heart up off the floor and move on! At least I that’s how I feel when I’m not singing Teardrops on My Guitar.)
 Anyone care for a revolver door handle?
I was overjoyed upon leaving the Hall of Fame to see my very good friend, Mr. Josh Turner.  Naturally we took our picture together.
This is how Christopher felt that I wanted my picture taken with another man. 
Between Martina, the revolver on the door, and Josh, I think we spent the day just as Amerigo would have wanted.


Jen said...

It looks like an awesome day to me. :)

Jenn said...

Chris's face.... omg.... priceless!

Laura Darling said...

Haha I love this post! My feelings towards T. Swift are similar to yours. The other day I saw a tweet that said "I think it's time Taylor Swift wrote a song called 'Maybe I am the Problem!" Haha!

Bailey said...

Nashville?! That's so close to me... and by close, I mean like 2 and a half hours away but I'm used to my favorite bloggers being 12+ hours away!