Thursday, October 18, 2012

meanwhile, back at the safari...

Daniel and Erika are on a little three week vacation TO AFRICA.

I am not jealous, nope, nope, nope. (Sarcasm alert!!)

This is part of an email they sent out this morning:

"We saw 3 of the BIG 5 (elephant, rhino and leopard) plus giraffe, zebra, wildcat, PYTHON, kudu, and lots more. The camp where we stayed is open to Kruger Park (size of Holland) so the animals come and go freely and we were lucky the leopard was in town! The camp is open to the bush; no fences--just guides with rifles. Let me repeat that: your "en suite" is actually a shower head and a toilet on a platform with a flimsy bamboo privacy screen where you can just see over the top. Beyond that screen is the bush. Hey, it gives you something to think about in the shower, but don't forget to watch for snakes and scorpions...A warthog named Wanda putters around the camp in the afternoons. Sometimes the elephants come through and rip out the plumbing."
Suddenly posting about my tri-weekly trips to Walmart seems so boring.


Jenn said...

Well that leopard shops at Petsmart because Odie has the exact same harness! Are you sure they're not just in Idaho at the zoo?

(Also, how does anyone sleep knowing that elephants are close enough to RIP OUT PLUMBING?!)

Jen said...

Wow how amazing!!!