Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fan Mail, Edition 2

It's been a very good week in the fan mail department. I try to be humble, but what else can I call it besides fan mail?

Mom sent me this card and it made me shake my head and say, "She did it again." Why would she be sending me a birthday card in October? As the one who gave birth to me you'd think she'd have my birthday straight by now. Then I saw she had crossed "birth" off and suddenly it became a little clearer. She was wishing me a happy day and I appreciated it.
Back in April she sent us this card two days before our anniversary. 
It's a sympathy card. I was concerned that a) Mom thought we had a terrible first year of marriage or b) she had lost her mind. I almost wasn't sure which was worse. Then I remembered that Christopher's grandmother had just died and suddenly it all made sense. (Apparently the moral of the story is I need to stop assuming things.) 

My favorite Anna Banana and Jillian each sent me a letter! Their letters always include either stickers or fun shaped paper clips and these letters did not disappoint.  
Christopher wrote me a letter for each day he's in the field this week! 
I know. He's very sweet (and prolific!). 


Jen said...

Yay for snail mail. It really is nice getting cards/letters in the mail. :)

Julie Danielle said...

I LOVE getting real mail. It hardly ever happens anymore but when it does it is so nice.

Jenn said...

See? Why didn't Chris give Steve a good talkin'-to before he left? I need letters for every day. They don't even have to be prolific! Just write something like, "Honey, you did a great job today. I left lots of wine in the fridge." Bam! Not hard at all, right??