Monday, October 22, 2012

washing machines require water, my hair needs dye, and other thoughts from the weekend

I wish I could say I spent the weekend showcasing to the world my brilliance and wit.
But I can’t.

Instead, I stood in our laundry room/pantry on Friday morning having a conversation with myself about the empty bottle of laundry detergent. I looked inside the bottle and thought to myself, “I wonder if the washing machine will be ok if I swish water around in this bottle to get out the last remaining bit of detergent then pour it in the machine. Will water ruin a washing machine?”
I mean really.

It’s a washing machine, for Pete’s sake. OF COURSE it’s ok if water is in it. I’d even go so far as to say water is a necessary part of a washing machine working properly. As soon as the words crossed my brain I vowed no one would hear about my momentary lack of intelligence, but here I am, telling the whole world. In my own defense, I was just trying to do doing everything possible to avoid flooding the house for the second time in one month.
In other news, on Saturday I finished knitting a bear hat for a baby. Obviously my Army bear is not the intended wearer, but he was the only model I had around. (After all, it’s not like a bear needs to wear a hat that looks like a bear.)
Something very tragic happened on Sunday. We were sitting in the church parking lot before Sunday school and I opened the visor mirror so I could apply my lip gloss. I leaned forward and SAW A GRAY HAIR. It wasn’t the whole strand of hair, just about an inch and a half long, BUT IT WAS GRAY. That make me forgot all about my lips because GRAY TODAY MEANS WHITE TOMORROW AND PERHAPS IT’S TIME TO START DYING MY HAIR OR BUYING WIGS. All Christopher did during this time was read about how the world is collapsing (aka the news) on his phone (heartless because clearly his wife’s world was collapsing around her ears) and suggest that I didn’t pull out all my grays because then I’d be bald. He didn’t even have a black marker on him so I could color that hair. You can imagine how much attention I paid to the Sunday school lesson. 
By the time we arrived at the park for our picnic date, I was somewhat calmer.

The gray hair isn't even visible in this picture. My ridiculously long arm is visible in three lenses but at this point I should probably pick my battles carefully.


Jen said...

Ok so I can relate to the gray hair issue! My sister was dying my hair for me last week and all of the sudden I heard her yell "Holy crap Jen you have a gray hair!!!" Yeah that made me feel really old haha.

Jenn said...

You and Chris are the CUTEST!!!! And wowzers, I am super impressed with your arm span. (wrote "arm spam" at first)

Occasionally, I get white hairs. WHITE HAIRS. I mean, they are completely white. It scares me to death. I pluck them out every. single. time. Now that Sam has fallen down the stairs a couple times, I feel like I at least come by them honestly. Maybe the apartment-flooding events are subconsciously stressing you out??

Ruthie said...

Heh, sorry, but your gray hair made me laugh! So did your comment on my blog :) Thanks for stopping by! By the way, I probably have way more than one gray hair, but my hair dye has been keeping me in the dark for years.

Jamie said...

The hat came out so cute! I have been doing baby hats lately on a loop thing (so easy) but I can't figure out how to do ears or any other cute addition.

Sadie said...

Cute hat! I can imagine a baby would be even cuter wearing it!

Julie Danielle said...

Oh I hate the grey hair thing. I actually have found a white hair on my head recently. Totally skipped the grey. So not old enough for this...LOL