Thursday, October 11, 2012

perhaps there should be a law against drinking and exercising

We recently joined a new gym. When we were shown around the gym, the tour guide informed us of where we could purchase a beer during our gym visits.

It seems to me that this

plus enough of this
could equal a lot of this.


Nicole said...

Haha, is this here at Campbell? What gym?

Jen said...

Haha too funny! :)

Jenn said...

What gym is this? How are you not gonna tell me you joined a gym?? (This would be considered Big News to people like me, who do not do very many exciting things that often.) I am so gonna make you huff and puff with me and that blasted stroller soon. LOL

stephanie said...

hahaha no they didn't! also y'all are at Campbell? (I read the comment above me) we're moving there in two weeks!!!

The New Normal said...

I really want to join that gym ;) That's too funny, what a combination!