Monday, October 15, 2012

the dress code was black yoga pants so it was a very laid-back affair

Today's one of those days that I talk about something that happened last week because I'm only just now getting around to it. More precisely, we're going to talk about last Friday afternoon.

Jenn hosted a blogger get-together and as someone who takes pictures of everything, you'd think I could have done a better job of photographing the event. I even made a special trip to Best Buy (one of my least favorite stores) for a new camera battery charger so I'd be prepared. The man who helped me find the charger was ringing up my purchase when he asked me, "So, what brings you into the store today?" I thought what brought me there was pretty obvious seeing how I had asked him where the chargers were just three minutes before. The whole point of this paragraph (yes! there is a point!) is to say that I only ended up taking four pictures- two of food and two of Sammy. All four were taken with my phone.

Food picture #1. I made cheesecake stuffed strawberries for the par-tay. Making them was easy enough, but transporting them was another story. Getting them to Jenn's was my second most stressful food transportation experience. I spent the whole drive with one hand on the steering wheel and the other vainly trying to keep the strawberries from falling over. Jenn lives on-post and the ID checker guy (official name unknown) clearly thought I was odd for holding my hand over a plate of strawberries and mini chocolate chips. 
Food picture #2 titled Jenn's Fudge. Alternately titled Yum. Alternately alternately titled I Ate A Lot.
It was fun to meet the other ladies and spend the afternoon talking. Apparently Sam wasn't too interested in our conversations about junk stores or Tricare. He needed not one but three plastic containers to keep himself entertained.
"I suppose I can manage to look slightly entertained after you spend five minutes rubbing the top of your head with a balloon while making weird noises. You do realize you look like a crazy woman, right?"
We didn't take a group picture so this will have to do. I apologize that no one has hair. The only option was facial hair and I didn't think anyone would appreciate that.
If you want to know what these women really look like I suggest visiting their blogs. Jenn,Molly, Kingsley, Julie. (Brittany doesn't have a blog so I guess she'll be forever known as the girl with the flowery party hat.)


Ashley said...

I'm so sad that I missed it, but an ultrasound is a pretty fun alternative :)

Jen said...

Oh man those strawberries look delicious!!!

Jenn said...

I thought you were going to say that it was a very FORMAL event because I specifically requested the yoga pants be BLACK. Which, as you know, is a very formal color. But laid-back too in that they were yoga pants. I guess that could go either way.

And am I wearing a CROWN?! I am feeling quite special now. Love the group picture of us all. I am still worried that my face looks a little fat, but at least there is no muffintop.

Anonymous said...

A FANTASTIC carrier for transporting such delicious looking strawberries would be an egg carton sans lid!

Anonymous said...

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