Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Your Friendly Neighbothood Patriotic Weekend

We started off our 4th of July weekend by watching Spider Man 1. For whatever reason, we've seen Spider Man 3(hereafter referred to as S.M. as it takes to long to type)at lest 4 times already this year and since most of us hadn't seen S.M. 1 or 2, we got both of them out of the library and watch 2 a few weeks ago and 1 on Friday.

Talk about anticlimactic--seeing the series backwards. I mean, honestly, you know that Spider Man will live through falling(or being pushed) down 500 stories and getting smashed to the ground.

Anyway, by the middle of the movie Mom was starting to talk about why we weren't watching a more patriotic movie since it was almost Independence Day. I brought up how S.M. is "your friendly neighborhood Spider Man" and how 'friendly' and 'neighborhood' really do describe America. My sister Elizabeth popped in right then and said "he is wearing red, white, and blue."

Thats what I was trying to say.

By the time the movie ended, Peter had told Mary Jane that he couldn't love her(except if you watch number 3, he really does love her. He proposed and everything.),that Green Goblin thing had died, and I wasn't happy that they watched S.M. 2 without me because I don't know what happened in it. Did they fall in love? Did Spider Man die? Why do I really care since I am not at all a fan of superheros?

After the movie, we went out to see the fireworks shot off from a local baseball field. I love fireworks; they're one of my favorite parts of the 4th of July. They didn't have the best show this year but it was nice to see "live" fireworks anyway. This amazing fireworkography is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood fireworkographer.

Saturday we went to the parade we've been going to for the last couple or ten years. We had to leave before it was finished but I'm pretty sure we only missed more candy-throwing, water-spraying floats.

Next on the agenda was a cookout at Katie's house. They had 5 families over which brought the grand total of kids up to 27. Consequently the line for Four-Square wrapped around part of the driveway and we had 7 chairs set up so the faint of heart(and legs)could sit while waiting their turn. I doubt we even needed the chairs because people we going in an d out of the game so fast that we barely had anytime to sit down before we had to jump up again. It just gave things a more homey-feeling. Please don't ask how well I played; its a touchy subject.

I'll stop talking now and just get on with the pictures since you're probably tired of me talking, talking, talking. You're welcome.

I have never been so impressed with grass-cutting as I was here. Jimmy cut the grass under the volleyball net into the shape of a flag. How patriotic.

me, Katie and our friend Erin

Elizabeth(my sister), Jennie(Katie's sister), and Sarah(who by the way, moved here from England. Its very interesting celebrating the 4th of July with English people because, you know, this holiday is celebrating our independence from them.)

I almost forgot that we watched the Boston Pops at night. As usual, it meet and exceded the expectaions of all previous years. It almost had a more "homey" feeling this year. Neil Diamond, a guest singer, sang one of Red Sox fans favorite songs "Sweet Caroline". I have absolutely no idea why this song is played at every game in Fenway because it has nothing to do with baseball. If you happen to know, please tell me. It must be because it says "so good(way better then the Yankees) ,so good(way better then the Yankees), so good(way better then the Yankees)." But thats just a guess. ; )

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