Monday, April 12, 2010

A.S.L.* Night

* all the single ladies, not to be confused with American Sign Language

With great gusto{and much cleaning}I hosted this months single ladies get together. By the time Autumn and Joanna arrived{one hour later then I thought they were coming}our "party room", aka Andrew's old bedroom, was equipped with games and the all necessary snack--extra-buttery popcorn. According to a very old tradition, we first played a game of Scrabble. The 1st,2nd,and 3rd place winners have become very,very predictable by this time. Without fail Autumn wins every.single.time. Joanna holds her own at second and I always bring up the rear at third{also known as the loser}. Even the lucky Scrabble necklace I got for Christmas can't help me.{its made out of a Scrabble piece; on the other side you can see the Scrabble letter 'S'.}

I feel that Autumn must have some special powers because I can put down the extremely creative word cay only to receive 8 points, while she puts the terribly commonplace word table and gets 33 points.

The injustice of the situation is inconceivable.

I{I should say 'we' since Joanna never gets points like that either}quickly forgave her however and we included her in our "if we don't get married soon we'll get an apartment together" plans.

The poor girls were then subjected to watching me cut Andrew's hair after supper. This was NOT in the plans but somebody forgot about the strict instructions I gave him regarding haircuts happening between the hours of morning through early afternoon because my friends were coming over and we couldn't be interrupted. Needless to say, he showed up after hours and how could I say no to those puppy dog eyes?? In fact,I did say no at first but after numerous consultations with Mom, I changed my mind and did it anyways. Autumn and Joanna said they didn't mind, but I still felt bad. I made up for it by providing chocolates during the movie. It's worth noting that they found plenty of reason to poke fun at me during the hair cut. I think they were just jealous of my skilz.

Next in the order of business was movie time. We choose the Blind Side since Joanna hadn't seen it yet. Unfortunately there was something wrong with the sound on the tv because we had to sit{and I'm not exaggerating}16 inches away just to hear. It wasn't really the makings for a cozy movie time. After many efforts to correct the sound which included moving the tv closer to us so we could actually sit on the floor instead of our knees, Andrew and Joanna{who knew she was so tv-savvy!}came to our rescue. The wrong wires were plugged in. Go figure. After the movie we were talking about how our parents wait up for us when we come home late. I was thinking to myself that I hoped my mom wasn't going to wait up for me when I remembered I was at my own house. My brilliance is noteworthy.

I love spending time with all my single ladies! ♥

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