Monday, April 5, 2010

A Plethora of Easter Pictures

Sherry Lane. The home of our Easter Extravaganza hosted by the newly wedded Daniel and Erika.

I went joined the CCE{Cutest Couple Ever}Saturday afternoon so I could help them prepare for Easter. For
6 1/2 hours Erika and I washed, scrubbed, cleaned, moved furniture,unpacked China, hung the table clothes held by skirt hangers from rafters to steam them{necessity is the mother of invention}, and baked. We felt like maids and had a fabulous time together.

All the hard work was worth it when everything was sparkling and decorated. I think the table almost looks like it could be featured in the best home and garden magazines.

We found these pretty eggs on our last minute run to Michaels. They added the perfect touch.

When the guests, aka our family, arrived after church, Daniel took us on a walk to the beaver dam. He may have built it up just a little too much as no beavers have lived there in years, much to the disappointment of the crowd.
The beaver-less dam. It looks so cozy, I don't know how those beavers could have left. Did they know we were coming?

Dressed in a fine Italian suit with a glass of fancy wine in hand, the Father relaxes in a posh recliner. He takes time from his busy schedule to photograph the following:

The newer newly-weds, Andrew and Debbie. Having two newly-wedded couples in the family has presented some difficulties. We have learned to differentiate the two couples as "newly" and "newer" weds. What will happen when I get married? Will we have the "newly", "newer", and "newest" ?

The 2010 edition of the annual Sarah and Molly Easter picture. She is such a little doll!

Grandma was so proud yesterday. Easter was the first holiday celebration held at the home of one of her grandchildren.

We branched out into the traditions of Erika's family by doing an outdoor egg hunt. We've also done them inside Grandma's house. Daniel and Brian were dispatched to hide the 48 eggs while the rest of us talked and distracted Molly and Zachary from peeking out the windows.

The host, holding what appears to be a ball of sunshine caught in a plastic bowl.

Elizabeth bravely searches through the underbrush.

Andrew was mighty proud of his egg-finding accomplishments.

Grandma's remake when seeing this picture: "Oh, I just look like such a happy little bunny with my Easter egg!!".

The smallest members of the family counting their wares.

Here we behold one of the few action shots of our meal. Any and all photographers were too busy serving and eating to document much more.

By some Easter miracle we were able to take a group picture before everyone went home. Besides the minor detail of some people{ahem Aaron and Andrew}already being out of their Easter finery, it only took three tries before almost everyone looked perfect. We missed the family that couldn't be there to celebrate with us, but we had a beautiful love and laughter filled day.

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