Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Down the Road and Beyond

For the first second third time in her short acting career, Elizabeth was a star stage. Her latest performance is narrator in the show Down the Road and Beyond. Last night was a VIF{very important families}only showing before they bring the show to elementary and middle schools.

This is Jack.
Not Jack of Jack and Jill,
Not Jack of Jack be nimble,
Not Jack of Jack
Just Jack.He's a bit greedy, a little lazy,a tad selfish, and a wee bit bossy. He couldn't care less and loves to announce that his motto is "I is who I is!"

Jack is startled yet delighted to discover that he has a Fairy Godmother. This Godmother is a seasoned professional has worked with celebrities such as Cinderella and the Princess of the princess and the pea. Jack thinks life could get no better and immediately begins campaigning for the free toys and three wishes he's heard all fairy Godmothers bring. Fairy Godmother knows better then to start handing out rewards without teaching a lesson first, so she sends him on a mission down the road and beyond.

He made a quick, life-threatening stop on Captain Hook's boat barely escaping walking the plank. Surely he had done enough to earn his toys and wishes, but His Fairy Godmother sent him off again.

Next was a visit with the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and the cutest Little Pig you have EVER seen. His tail was so cute bonging along behind him as he walked. Not even helping Little Red earned Jack his toys so he went down the road again.

Poor Jack almost lost his life at the hands of the Queen of Hearts. Alice peeked out from behind the queen but could do nothing to help him. The NARRATOR rescued Jack by shouting "freeze!" and Jack skipped away.

Jack had a moment of rest when he visited the Emerald City and was entertained by the Lullaby League and Munchkins. This kid really got around.

During his candy break courtesy of the Lollipop Guild, who should appear...

...but the Wicked Witch of the West who had the gaul to impersonate the Fairy Godmother! She didn't fool me, but she did fool Jack who was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Happily, Jack learned many valuable lessons on his travels. As all the characters came back to haunt him, he learned that he didn't want to live his life as a bit greedy, a little lazy, a tad selfish, and a wee bit bossy. He didn't even care that he didn't get free toys or three wishes.

The End.

Although I didn't write it, Elizabeth's narration ran throughout the play and got Jack out of many{if not all}tight spots. She did some ad libbing that was so her. I doubt she'll do it during the school shows because the kids probably won't get it, but we laughed alot. It was such a fun,fun night. Nothing like ending your day with smiles and laughter!

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